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Much better than I remember

By:matt, Aylesbury
Date:Thursday 4 December 2008
Rating:   8

I sold my videos years ago because I had no space, so I've not seen the Krotons for many years. However I remember not enjoying this black & white Troughton story and I remember being bored senseless. The problem with b&w stories is that they have to be very special to be enjoyable to watch - The Time Meddler is good; The Gunfighters is dross. However, when I read the Target novelisations I always enjoy the story much better - no rubbish effects, etc. We have the same opportunity with Audio which allows none of the rubbish sets to affect our enjoyment, and we get to listen to the actual dialogue. In the Krotons, it's still not great, but the dialogue is really good in parts and it's nice to hear Pat Troughton once again.. Roll on the DVD (not!)

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