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By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 28 March 2009
Rating:   10

So far these companion chronicles have been written very well, all the different stories seem to fit seamlessly into the season they are portrayed to come from.

But this is a very special story. What with Debbie Watling back finally as the great companion Victoria. That oh so great comapanion with so much promise and yet with only one whole season to her name. She was such a good actress, not just entirely screamy and all that.

When you get an old companion you have to have a story that doesnt dissapoint. i think the Great Space Elevator is the most easily fitting story into season 5 yet. Jonathan Morris is really quite a deep thinking writer, always writing stories with strong moral pointers. And he gets the feel of that season right down to the core.

You have the cramped settings, you have the trigger happy guards, you have the weird alien trying to take over the world and feed to survive. So yet again this is an earth story, which all but one of season 5 were. This is so very well read by Debbie too.

Helen Goldwyn is also a great choice for the second acting voice in this. Jon even gets the get up right, with a reference to a very small and short miniskirt.

Doctor Who with Patrick troughton always was full of suspense and dark shadows and shady aliens. And this story is all of this. These companion chronicles are now one of my favourite parts of Doctor Who.

Classic 2nd Doctor Stuff

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 21 June 2011
Rating:   9

This would have made a classic 2nd Doctor story for TV, perfectly capturing the period and typical plot of the time.

The Sci-Fi is over the top, people are lost to technology, there is the standard underlying message about the balance of science and nature. Big buttons, lifts, energy, lots of running around and some great sexist lines from Jamie.

Great fun.

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