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Victory !

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 30 December 2008
Rating:   8

Almost like a football match, this is a DVD of two halves. The first disc is the familiar as broadcast four parter. Anyone who has seen it will know the problems that spoil what is a good & interesting story. All these problems are dealt with on disc two, which has a 95 minute TV movie version. It has new CGI effects, the music is toned down & it it is re-edited & features previously cut scenes so, as The Curse of Fenric, it is much , much better. Highly recommended.

Unleash the Destroyer!

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 23 January 2009
Rating:   8

A pretty good story, my 2nd fave in season 26. The souped-up version on disc 2 is also good. The extras are the highlight of the release, with a "Making Of" documentary, an informative feature on Sophie Aldred's on-set accident, and my favourite, a featurette exploring Jean Marsh's Doctor Who career.
Overall, a good DVD. Roll on The Rescue & The Romans!


By:Ruby Simkin, Australia
Date:Sunday 1 February 2009
Rating:   8

Great actors
Great video cover
great for the doctors first dvd!
exellent that the brigadeer and unit back!
i rate i9t 8/10!

Excellent DVD set

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 7 May 2011
Rating:   10

Battlefield always seemed to have been labelled as one of the lesser entries in the Doctor Who original series canon. But this is yet again far from the real point for me. The 26th season of Doctor Who always was one of the best of the classic series, the stories were getting a little darker in tone and werent quite so funny or quite so easy on the lead characters. Here we begin to see the real seventh Doctor. The one who is highly interesting and is bringing back some of the mystery to the character of the Doctor. Add to that the fact that Ace is starting to enjoy more character development than a lot of previous characters to have been a companion of the good Doctor. Battlefield has some great acting, some great set design, and some classy dialogue. The final scene between the angered Doctor and Morgaine is of particularly dramatic note. And here we are presented with fights that generally arent too badly done at all. There is a high level of realism to this story. The destroyer is one of the best designed monsters of the whole of the classic series. I love that drool problem the demon has. But it is Jean Marsh who makes this story the success it is. She is acting brilliantly all the way through. And shes not totally evil either, as the scene with the blind wife of the bar owner will clearly show. A real multilayered character and a good multilayered performance from Jean add to this being a great slice of Doctor Who. Nick Courtney also really made his presence felt yet again here, and its nice to see him with yet another Doctor. He always was such a great character and always was a class act. This is Doctor Who on the darker side, but there are also plenty of brilliant comedy moments peppered throughout this tale. I really like the score to this one too, its effective and rather creepy at the best times. The extras on this DVD arent at all bad either. These DVDs are getting better and better all the time. The extended version of this story makes it all the more better too, especially the addition of the touching scene with the Brigadier and his underling's ashes. Such a lot of good information i never knew about to be found in every release. They are classy packages. Battlefield is the start of season 26, and a very good start it is indeed.

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