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By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 30 September 2008
Rating:   10

The Trial Of A Time Lord is unbeatable tv. Only some films beat this too for having all the things that make me tick on the screen. The Trial of a time lord is Doctor Who at its very very best indeed, and together with a massive array of extras make this perfect package. And as per usual, why are so many brilliant scenes cut from the trial of a time lord for goodness sake? I love the firste episode cut scene of the doc saying the matrix has not got the sum of all knowledge in it. That is a class Robert Holmes scene that should have been included. And all the mindwarp scenes are disgusting by not being on the finished edit of the story. utter treason. And Terror of the vervoids is no different either, a plethora of great scenes that should have been included.

The Mysterious Planet starts off with a great mystery and a great amount of questions (and Katryca by Joan Simms is cool, she plays the role very well indeed actually) which for once are answered in full later in episode 13 and 14. The time lords aint half a bunch of hypocritical gits arent they? But this makes for some wicked writing and great acting. The doc's knackersyard scene really cracks me up big time. This is a great visual tale too, with Drathro being the best robot ive seen on doctor who. The ending scenes with the doctor moralising with drathro are quite masterful too.

Mindwarp is really good. The wviolent elements are not actually quite as brutal as some people suggest, compared to some this is tame. But the science in this is really good and real feeling. And the shock ending with Peri taken over are some riveting scenes and some of the series finest. Colin Baker's acting is very convincing too, you think he has gone round the twist for most of this brilliant installment.

Terror Of The Vervoids is really back to basics but it does it classicly. This is a great whodunnit with plenty of mystery and great moments. And the vervoids dont look bad at all, quite a great design in fact. The casting of someone like Honor Blackman is not a waste either. She delivers a great performance as Lasky. Bonnie Langford makes her great debut too and this story actually does boast some of the best cliffhangers ever. Tartarus ending and episode 1 are two of my all time faves.

The Ultimate Foe couldnt have wrapped the story up any better than it did. A conspiracy to not just kill the doc but to kill the high council. the valeyard by Michael Jayston is a great bit of acting too. He is really sinister as the dark thoughts of our hero the Doctor. And the return of Tony Selby as Glitz is great. He brings a great deal of comic relief amidst the brilliant storyline. This is Doctor Who at its very best on screen. The new series has yet to beat this awesome peice of tv history. The title box calls this an epic, a well deserved title in my book.

What a shame!

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 1 October 2008
Rating:   8

It really is sad I can only give this an 8 because the extras are so good. Four stunning 'Making Of' documentaries, along with lots of smaller featurettes, and, of course, the 'flagship' documentary; this one is called 'Trials and Tribulations', focussing on Colin Baker's time on the show; what more could you ask for? These extras are truly the best yet.
However, the buck stops there. All of the stories are just average (except maybe 'Mindwarp'), so it's a pity they don't stand up that well to the fabulous extras.


By:catford, catford
Date:Thursday 2 October 2008
Rating:   6

good package with 2 good stories but 2 lame ducks. decide for yourself which are which. i though the vervoids one was just unwatchably awful; terrible production, terrible effects, some really terrible acting. the whole thing looks as though it takes place at a leisure centre on a Sunday evening. dreadful. colin baker however makes a surprisingly moving doctor. catford.

Not Guilty

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 27 December 2008
Rating:   8

This is a story that really polarises fans. Some hate it with a passion. Others think it's one of the best ever. Either way there is no denying that this DVD box set is wonderfully put together with a wonderful array of extra feature.
The best of these is "Trials & Tribulations" in which the whole of Colin Baker's time as the Doctor is explored. A real value for money set. Highly recommended.


By:kieren evans, kidderminster
Date:Tuesday 20 January 2009
Rating:   9

The mysterious planet is a very good way of opening the trial. i quite like it but the overlighting lets it down a bit. Mindwarp is one of the best stories ever: mad, funny, dark and tense. The final episode is one of the dramatic ever. Terror of the vervoids is a more back to basics one hammpered by some stupid design features i.e. the airducts are bigger than the cabins and hallways. The umilate foe is weird and fun which is good, the end is bit too happy (peri should have stayed died, i like her by the way). The extras are perfect and the cliffhanger one is very funny

Love it.

By:Matt, Aylesbury
Date:Tuesday 3 November 2009
Rating:   10

Love The Trial of a Time Lord. The stories are wonderful - Earth gets moved; Sil is back; space ship in 2986; and the Valeyard is a bit more than just a Time Lord. Wonderful stuff. Brave, exciting and Colin Baker comfortable as the Doctor at last. Shame it all ended after Carrot Juice, but at least we get him on BF nowadays.

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