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better,better...but not best

By:bruce klopfstein, superior,wi usa
Date:Thursday 19 May 2005
Rating:   7

I love a good ghost story. Even better I love a story about a mysterious ship of unkown origins. I was hoping for something similar to Rondivous With Rama by Authur C. Clark or Ringworld by Larry Nivan. I was a little disapointed.
The story was very well writen. Sometimes being a bit over complicated. If you can use a simplier word to explain something why use a word that makes you have to stop and think. A very good story flows. This one kind of hick ups sometimes.
And while I can wrap my mind, with a little difficulty, around the way the author choose to end this book. It is not the way I would have chose to do it. personally I'm not much for stories that out of 280 pages lead up to a 2 page explaintion of events for an ending. It could have been much better developed. So little of the ship and its function was actually explored.
I do believe it deserves better then the 5.2 rating it has so far. I give it a 7 out of 10

Not the best, but not too bad either!

By:a person, hayfield
Date:Sunday 21 February 2010
Rating:   7

The atmosphere and tension in the book is very good. The writing is fairly average but the plot is interesting. Worth reading

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