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A lost opportunity

By:Paul Speake, Wakefield
Date:Friday 11 February 2005
Rating:   3

A poor effort this one! The reuse of the Foamasi was good but the rest was uninteresting - the wedding stuff just rubbish.

A welcome return

By:Ewan Forbes, Scotland
Date:Sunday 19 June 2005
Rating:   6

"Placebo Effect" is not by any means a great Doctor Who book, but it is far from being a bad one.The Eighth Doctor, who didn't get his fare run on television, is well represented here and the return of the Wirrn is a welcome one. Lets hope that they are a race that will return to our screens in the next series.

A pleasant little read

By:Tardisuser, Isle of Wight
Date:Sunday 4 February 2007
Rating:   8

This book was a pleasing read. The Doctor is treated like a proper individual. Sam is realising she's growing up, instead of just being able to fall back into the old Doctor/Sam routine. And the Foamasi get a better plot than The Leisure Hive.

Read it!


By:a person, hayfield
Date:Sunday 21 February 2010
Rating:   5

A good plot is spoiled here by bad writing, the ideas behind it are excellent but it ends up being a struggle to read through.

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