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Good Ideas that did'nt pull together

By:Matt, England
Date:Wednesday 25 August 2004
Rating:   7

The Blurb for Dreamstone Moon made me want to read the book straight away, the ideas sounded promising. Most of the book was excellently written, with emotions, characters and settings captured perfectly.

The ending however, was a bit of a let down, I felt the well constructed components in the novel never pulled together, which is why my rating is not nine or ten.

I also felt several characters did so much moving from setting to setting, it was hard keep track of where they were- one minute in an airlock staring at a monster with huge teeth, then suddenly in a tunnel fifty miles underground for example.

Overall a well written book that, I felt, fell apart towards the end.

Good plot, but very boring.

By:a person, hayfield
Date:Sunday 21 February 2010
Rating:   6

This book has a very good plot, but it is written in a very boring way. Just as in, Genocide, paul leonard's writing is both boring and confusing

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