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By:Matthew, Leeds
Date:Monday 2 February 2009
Rating:   9

hey everyone! ok... so series 4 dvd. firstly the episodes r awsome, donna(catherine) is awsome and the aliens r awsome! the extras r ok but i dont buy a series because of the extras, I buy it because i like the series (I think thats a good way to determin if you wanna buy a series or not) one of the extras is the dr.who confidential episode called monsters and music (or music and monsters). all in all I think it would be unfare to give it below a 9! anyway ive got a snow day now so cya! ;)

I just love Catherine....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 16 October 2010
Rating:   10

Partners in Crime sees the well overdue return of Catherine Tate as the wonderful Donna Noble. She is by far my favourite companion of the new series. She is gobby and forthright, but she is lovably gobby, not like the brattish Rose. Partners In Crime also boasts about the most adorable creatures to appear in Doctor Who. Those adipose just look so cute. But the story has its very good and unsettling moments, such as when Stacie turns into that pile of fat. Quite a good effect. And also we get an appearance from Sarah Lancashire, always a good actress. Here she brings the Matron to life effortlessly. My favourite bit of scripting is HANG ON! I AM!!!! Pure classic genius. And its lovely to see that other brilliant companion to be again, the brilliant Bernard Cribbins as Wilf. I love his over the top reaction at the climax of the tale.

The Fires of Pompeii is really strong stuff. High on drama and high on sadness. the Doctor's plight is very very well written, and here Catherine truly starts to shine as Donna. Her support of David's Doctor is palpable and incredible. And the Pyrovile aint bad looking either. This is a true epic in 45 minute form. One of the best.

Planet of the Ood continues the heavy impact of the first story. We have the usual human morons treating all other life like rubbish. The Oods send off to the Doc and Donna at the end is emotional and poignant. And that brain looks very effective indeed. The changing of that chap into the ood has to be the single most gross looking effect on the series so far. Surely this should have had a 15 certificate? But its still frigging brilliant.

The Sonataran Stratagem/ The Poison Sky brings back those brilliant enemies the Sontarans in fine style. General Stahl is a brillaint creation, and the resolution of this tale has a character you may not have liked at the beginning coming good and saving the entire planet. Great plotting here. Nice to see Freema back again too!

The Doctor's Daughter is one of the special episodes here. Georgia Moffett is the perfect choice as the extrapolated daughter of the errant time lord. The stories central theme too is suitably a relief from the more heavier stories in the series. The acting is very fine indeed, and the finale is great again once more.

The Unicorn and the Wasp is a clever and intriguing little episode. Rather like a murder mystery with rather a lot of twists. A game of Cluedo to the end. I never really have liked the game, but this episode has a brilliant alien and a brilliant Agatha Christie. And its actually sad to see the wasp go at the end. It wasnt all bad.

Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead is creepy as hell. Steven Moffat is one of the best writers of the series. He had such strong themes running through all his tales. They are so dark and menacing and creepy. And River Song makes her debut. Alex Kingston brings her to life brilliantly. And that distorted face of the dumb girl in part two was also rather unsettling too.

Midnight was a real chiller. And for once we dont actually really find out what the thing was. This is a neat little twist. David Troughton is back too, but his character is a world away from King Peladon. The characters here are so well written. The story is claustrophobic and yes, very scary indeed.

Turn Left is by far the best episode of the season though. Catherine Tate's performance here is suprememely emotional and stirring. I nearly cried to her death at the end. She is such a good companion. She saves the whole world. Carry on Catherine!! The tension and menace rife through this story kept me hooked from the outset.

And then we come to the best finale of the the new series so far.The daleks are back with Davros! Davros is about the most psychotic he has ever been, Julian Bleach did wonders after such a heavy first input from Michale Wisher and Terry Molloy. The story is massive in scale, about the biggest scale Doctor Who has ever seen. The reality bomb has to be the biggest threat ever seen on a Who too. And the ending here is so well done. All the characters get to do something and no one is left out to dry. And The Tenth Doctor is on supreme form. Only one teenie little thing here which doesnt come over well to me...Doc, why are you having such a go at your half human self about genocide when youve done it to the Vervoids in the past eh? But aside from this one tiny glitch, this finale is awesome. Yes, this is so far the only series since 2005 to have no major faults. Series five is excellent on the whole, but with two major weaknesses. Here there is only a little quibble in the whole lot. And the extras here arent at all bad either! Rollicking stuff!!!!

Very good

By:Jared Harr, St. Marys, United States
Date:Tuesday 16 May 2017
Rating:   9

This was a very good season containing some of my favorite all time doctor who episodes "Midnight", "Turn Left, "Stolen Earth", "Journey's End". Some weak points honestly but not many.

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