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A Disappointing Ending

By:Jack, Auckland, NZ
Date:Friday 10 July 2009
Rating:   4

This release has 2 very good stories and the other, I would say turkey but I hate to insult poultry in such a manner:

TURN LEFT - A really good original idea for a story. Except it seems a little pointless as in the end, nothing really happens. However overall, one of the best RTD has written.

THE STOLEN EARTH/JOURNEY'S END - From the trailers for this story, it looks like the best yet. All the companions and the most famous villains of all, the DALEKS! WITH DAVROS! However this one takes a whole episode to get started and then cheats us on a regeneration, before finally ending about 30 minutes into the 2nd episode (this is the one that needed to go for 65 minutes because they couldn't fit it all into the regular timeslot. WHAT?). For the last 35 minutes it's all goodbyes and farewells. And why did the Doctor immediately say goodbye to Rose when he's been trying to get to her for the past 2 series. But at least we don't have to put up with more of Billie Piper. In short, complete rubbish.

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