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By:J, Suffolk
Date:Tuesday 4 August 2009
Rating:   4

ok, so it's not perfect. the first thing which i believe suits the programme really well though was the fact is was roughly the same length as a who episode from the 1970s. the idea of incorporating characters from WHO was another excellent idea too. the only bad thing was the episode itself. the plot at the start is rather confusing, and the fact there are parts which go in slow-motion, and that the episode keeps going round and round the same location makes it boring. i would say that at least 5 minutes of the programme features the same material, repeated but marginally changed. the plot gets better towards the end when you start to understand what is going on, which is rather different than described on the video case.

but then, just when you think it's got really good, the last few seconds are rubbish. you would never see that sort of thing in WHO and it doesn't suit. perhaps, for a first attempt, it is not bad, but if you are intending to buy any reeltime productions, i would reccomend downtime and shakedown before war time.

a nice little piece though.

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