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By:Jonny Jupiter, Hertfordshire, UK
Date:Saturday 10 September 2005
Rating:   7

A great story. Very Bakeresque. The Rising Damp joke was good. Worth reading.

Fun Victoriana!

By:Piers, Lancashire, UK
Date:Monday 10 April 2006
Rating:   7

After the somewhat leaden 'Vampire Science', this novel is an enjoyable page turner with likeable characters and a good plot. With the book range now reverted to the BBC, this story is keen to make links with the show's history: the Zygons from 'Terror Of The Zygons' and Litefoot from 'Talons Of Weng-Chiang' both appear. This means the book lacks a little in originality, and really these elements could have been new creations; you don't need any past knowledge to understand the story, so their presence here is little more than 'continuity porn'. This can be overlooked, however, as Doctor Who really lends itself to Victorian settings, both on screen and in print, this being no exception. A strong side to the story is seeing how the Doctor deals with the fact that his 'ideal plan' backfires disastrously. This was a good twist in what would otherwise have been quite obvious plotting.

On the negative side, this book did frustrate me a little. A particularly gruesome scene, where a young man is made to eat glass, feels very out of place for 'Doctor Who', and the descriptions of the organic nature of the Zygon ship are way over the top. Without spoiling the last chapter, how the climax of the story is not recorded into history for Sam to be aware of is quite beyond me. Even UNIT would have had a hard time covering these events up!!

Very atmospheric

By:a person, hayfield
Date:Friday 19 February 2010
Rating:   9

I really enjoyed this. very atmospheric and well-written, I would have given it ten out of ten but I am not too fond of the violence and horror in it.

Well written and fun to read.

By:Emma Bowman, Sydney, Australia
Date:Saturday 19 November 2011
Rating:   10

I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was very well written. It inspired me to go and watch the original Fourth Doctor tv episode where Professor Litefoot first appeared, and I thought Morris did a good job of bringing this character to life in this novel. I enjoyed how he represented the Doctor and Sam, and the storyline was engaging and fast paced. Unlike so many EDA books, I didn't get bored at any point throughout. Definitely a good novel that I will enjoy reading again. Highly recommended!

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