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Good but flawed

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 8 May 2008
Rating:   7

Basically Invasion of Time is a good story spoilt by very poor producution. However the optional CGI effects go some way to redressing the balance. Recommended.

Surprised me!

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 18 May 2008
Rating:   8

From the reviews I had read, I was almost completely put off buying this release, but I took a chance, and spent £x on it to find out... it's pretty good, actually! Sure, the first two or so episodes are boring and slow-moving, and they could easily have been condensed into one, the remaining few are brilliant, especially the surprising ending to episode 4, when we see the Sontarans! The DVD is worth buying just for that. It has a variety of decent extras, although the prank 'The Elusive David Agnew' featurette leaves a lot to be desired. So, to sum up, a good release that is definitely worth buying. Steer clear of the aforementioned documentary, though!


By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 9 June 2011
Rating:   9

The single weakness of this story is the farewell to Leela. She hardly even knows that bloke Andred. Although there are some clearly set scenes where you can see she is beginning to feel something for this time lord bloke. The rest of the tale is paced very strongly indeed, with the shock reveal of the Sontarans in episode four being for once totally unexpected indeed. Tom Baker gives a towering performance as the for once very shifty but highly clever time lord, and hsi shouting is brilliant! Louise Jameson as ever is strong and dependable. The best scene is where she throws that knife right into the back of the neck of that idiot sontaran in the corridor! The humour in this too is good but not over the top. And I love the character of Rodan. Castellan Kelner is another moron of the highest order too. And those shimmering vardans are rather likeable! Derek Deadman plays an excellent Sontaran too. John Leeson as K9 is particularly good here too, as he too seems to be following highly suspicious orders from the Doctor up until part four. And for the first time in this story we get to see a decent amount of Sontarans for once, not just the solatary one. The scene in the TARDIS with the plant and the sontaran is one of the single funniest moments in Whodom, especially when the Doctor shakes that sontarans hand!!!! This is definetly a tale where the writers got the comedy just right.

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