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Another Doctor on a Crusade Book

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 6 September 2003
Rating:   2

The basic problems here are typical of Jonathan Blum's approach to Doctor Who. First, we start in the middle of the story with the Doctor and companion already well into action. Second, we get the Doctor as sensitive superhero crusader. The Doctor is a much better character as an unwilling hero. Third, we get nearly every vampire cliche one can think of.

Hollywood-style Who that actually works

By:Rassilon, UK
Date:Saturday 17 January 2004
Rating:   9

Now this is more like it! Blum and Orman ably demonstrate how the Eighth Doctor could have worked, had the TV series been taken up. They even treat the reader to what is, essentially, a pre-title action sequence in chapter one. Yes, we’re handed a whole collection of Vampire clichés; but these are all undermined and gently mocked by the authors, making for a lighter tone to what could have been a very grim tale, given the subject matter’s roots. There are some genuinely amusing moments here, and some tender ones too (the birthday card was a nice touch), and there’s excitement aplenty. The Eighth Doctor now feels like a character in his own right, and Sam is a wonderfully human foil for him. Maybe it’s not classic Who, or classic Vampires, come to that, but it is great fun for a modern, post-buffy, horror-savvy, adventure-loving audience. Not perfect, but damn good.

A bit more like it

By:Jonny Jupiter, Hertfordshire, UK
Date:Saturday 10 September 2005
Rating:   7

Now this is a bit more like it. Some funny moments and the start of the proper development of the characters. Post buffy its probably difficult for the writers to come up with ideas that are not cliche ridden but it was good fun. I found myself warming to this Doctor even though he has only had one screen outing.The Sam overprotectiveness is probably an arc that will be developed in future books but we all know it wont go anywhere. Grace's kiss in the movie was about as far as the Doc has ever got. Better things will no doubt be ahead but this was a very good start

Doctor meets Angel

By:Thomas Dawson, Manchester
Date:Monday 23 June 2008
Rating:   7

A dark brooding stranger in a long coat moves around a West Coast US town hunting vampires, with sidekick in tow. The basic premise of this novel, has a certain familiarity about it. However, a good idea is a good idea, and Doctor Who has 'borrowed' sci fi themes throughout its history.

The material here is handled quite well, but if you read a lot of these novels this one stands out as being out of character.

That said there is plenty of action and things rattle along at a goodly pace.

pretty good

By:a person, Hayfield
Date:Friday 19 February 2010
Rating:   8

After the eight doctors I had high expectations for this book, and while it was not as good as the eight doctors I still thrououghly enjoyed it. The doctor and sam are charicterised perfectly and there is plenty of action.

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