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Things Are Coming to a Head

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 26 June 2023
Rating:   8

This episode of Kaldor City starts drawing the various strings of the convoluted plot together. Uvanov is now in a much weakened position, struggling as hard as he can to keep his position and remove his number 1 rival, Landerchild. This same Landerchild, meanwhile, has been plotting to take out Uvanov, using sources ostensibly under Uvanov's control, such as Blayse and Cotton, to do so. Blayse, meanwhile, has now clearly gone rogue, and seems to be trying to take over the Teranist cult as her own fighting force. Why she is doing this is unclear, but perhaps she realizes that her position is fully compromised and she will never escape her role as a pawn in Uvanov's schemes alive. Iago and Carnell are now clearly plotting against each other, using all the other characters to do so. Iago is also worried that behind the Teranist cult is an attempt to revive Teran Capel's plan of a robot revolution in Kaldor City. To top it off, Carnell has been trying to set Uvanov and Landerchild against each other, but now realizes that he has lost control of his strategies. Into this mix we add a new character, Paulus, played admirably well by David Collings, who seems to be Poul from "Robots of Death" having now become the spiritual leader of the Teranist cult. For anyone who likes political intrigue, dealing and double-dealing, and the growing sense of a society falling into ruins, this episode will be like candy.

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