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Light Entertainment

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Saturday 16 August 2008
Rating:   7

Firstly, bravo for the new/old theme music for these new Eighth Doctor stories. Very cool - a great improvement.

Dead London is a case of a story with a very absurd ending revelation about what's been going on - specifically, where it turns out the entire story has taken place - but the script and the way it is played out is so brilliant that it ends up being a very fun episode anyway. Clare Buckfield's Spring-Heeled Sophie in particular is great fun to listen to, as are Paul and Sheridan. I really can't say much more about it. A fun listen - some light entertainment.

A fair start but not the best

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Saturday 6 September 2008
Rating:   6

Usally the opening story to a new season of anything is a little slow. Which is what i found about this new BBC7 Production. I was in the garden while i listened to this, and I had to go back more than a few times. This story just didn't grip me.
The pase and plot was very slow and then the ending seamed rushed. Which is a shame as this is the first BBC7 I have come across that i didn't want to listen to again. But I supose that just proves that you can't please everybody.
This story will not put me of BBC7 audios as i have loved most of them (out of my top 5 Audio adventure 3 are BBC7). If it has put you off them then i sagest you go and listen to the next one in the series Max Warp - Its absolutly brillant!!!

Good build-up, poor climax

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 20 October 2008
Rating:   6

This audio fails only because of its poor climax, as it starts well; with a confusing and gripping plot featuring different Londons in different times, all connected by a river.
Unfortunately the villain is weak and is defeated in less that 2 minutes, which gives this my score of 6.

The Main Concept Needs Work

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 13 December 2021
Rating:   6

Dead London has an interesting mystery to begin with, as The Doctor and Lucie get separated by time. The explanation for all this at the end does not make all that much sense. The problem is that if all this is a mental landscape, that the characters are in another character's mind, then how is it a physical manifestation as well? How come the transported humans have to remain in this landscape while The Doctor and Lucie can just escape? How did the TARDIS get in here in the first place? There are plenty more unanswered questions.

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