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Interesting Sequel

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 18 August 2011
Rating:   7

The second in the Kaldor City series follows logically in spirit and plot from the first. In this one, Kaston Iago is now fully incorporated into Uvanov's system. There is plot, counterplot, intrigue up the ying-yang. For those addicted stories of political intrigue, this audio has just their fix. The only real problem has to do with the characters, not the characterizations but the characters themselves. The first Kaldor City story was a kind of introduction to the world and the characters. Now that we get to know them, there is not one who is even remotely likeable. They are all mean, corrupt, cavalier about life and death as long as it is their life and someone else's death. The audience is left with no one to feel good about winning or to feel sad about losing.

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