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not bad

By:Cousin Kaye, 11 Day Empire
Date:Friday 15 February 2008
Rating:   5

I thought it was an ok book, very, very, very, very long and at times it felt like I was in the Broken Remote, trapped in an episode of The New Gods XXXVIII. A lot of things happened and then didn't happen and then never happened the same as before and time went backwards and a three-headed duck gave birth to an otter in Margate. Some king died another one came along to replace him. It was all mad stuff and lots of hints were dropped like cannon balls from a bridge onto a twenty car pile up. Then the book ended and the story didn't.


By:Anna, Aotearoa
Date:Sunday 17 February 2008
Rating:   10

O'Mahoney very skillfully evokes the political, scientific and religious fervour, experimentation and ultimate dis-illusionment of seventeenth century England, and combines this with the best of science fiction time-twisting as the paranoia of the era is extended to and beyond its natural conclusion. The prose is dense, and at times a little overly-archaic (though amusingly so), but still very readable and frequently beautifully poetic. The book is packed full of twists, surprises and typical Faction-style confusingness. I would thoroughly recommend this book, although I know it will take me (at least) another read to be able to put even the largest pieces of the puzzle together.

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