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By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 28 May 2023
Rating:   9

This audio launches the Kaldor City series, a Doctor Who tie-in without The Doctor. The tie comes from the TV serial "The Robots of Death." In the Kaldor City series we get a deep look into the culture of that particular world. Returning from the Doctor Who serial is Uvanov, played by Russell Hunter, who has now gained enough money and power to become head of the government, the Chief Shareholder. It's a position he has a tenuous grasp on. The society of Kaldor City is basically a corporation melded with Renaissance Italy, but only in its political makeup. The ruling board of shareholders are like the various dukes and princes of Renaissance Italy in their power, social position, and constant backstabbing politics against the other board members. Into this boiling political volcano nearing explosion comes an outsider, a professional assassin named Kaston Iago, played with suitable menace by Paul Darrow. He manages to work his way into becoming Uvanov's bodyguard, but why? And, working behind the scenes is the psycho-strategist Carnell, a character from "Blake's 7." The story has plenty of cross and double-cross, with the question always hanging, who is working to whose plan? The cast is outstanding, with Peter Miles, Brian Croucher, Trevor Cooper, and really all of them doing great work.

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