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A Read for all the Family!

By:JG, Gallifrey, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 17 February 2011
Rating:   10

Doctor Whom - it's a good p*** take of Doctor Who (you don't have to be a Doctor Who fan to read it, but it helps!), the book itself is brilliant. The actual contents of the book, are in a muddled up order (the chapter's don't cotain confusing, profound made up words (OK, they actually do) but the chapter's themselves are in a muddled up order (a bit like previous reviews!), for example, you have the 'Preamble' (watever that is!) followed by the 'Contents' page, according to the 'Contents' page (and the inside the book, itself), you have 'Chapter 12 - The End' then 'Chapter 2 - The Dimensions of the TARDY' followed by 'Chapter 1 -' ... You get the gist of wat I was currently saying. Hang on, that's not right - You get the pist of wat I am saying (Tht's better!). The book takes the currently established Doctor who Mythology and shines a comedic light on it. Like, for example, the TARDIS, is now the TARDY, Gallifrey is now Garlicfree, The Master is now the Master Debater.... The Time Lords are Time Gerntlemen - they, go around the universe, fixing any and every grammatically incorrect sign, by drawing an apostrophe on the aformentioned sign (which apperently fixies Time in-normalities). As the inner bool flap describes (it's a Hardback with a Dust Jacket, my comment's will be in [] those kind of brackets, just so y'know-- Anyway), on the third paragraph "Oh yes. Join the Dr., (full stop then a comma - that can't be right - look there's a little squiggly green line under it) Linn [Assitant stroke Companion] and Prose [Again, Assitant stroke Companion] as they fight to protect the galaxy from the perils of bad grammar, sloppy punctuation and careless sentence construction. Not to mention, the Cydermen [They're name basically describes the comedic transformation here], the remorseless android Garleks [Mutated between a Cyborg and millions of cloves of garlic], and the Celebrity Chefs du Mondu" Doesn't this book jhust scream a good read for the whole family?

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