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Suspenseful Slow Reveal

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Tuesday 11 March 2008
Rating:   7

"Think about telling us what you know, okay?"

"But I don't ...know anything! I don't know anything. And where's the Doctor when I need him? [sigh] He's not even the *right* Doctor..."

The Condemned is rather interesting right from the start, as it is sort of an 'encore' for Charley. After leaving the Eighth Doctor, she ends up getting picked up by the Sixth, and doesn't tell him that she has already been traveling with a future incarnation of his. The TARDIS gets drawn off course, and they materialize inside a flat where they find the dead body of a man who is actually an alien who has been "bioformed" to look human. Beside him is an open briefcase. Who was he, who killed him (when it turns out he would already soon be dying of a terminal illness), what was in the briefcase, and who is this Sam who is imprisoned in the basement and somehow able to phone in on phone lines that are out of order?

The Condemned is a dark, suspenseful little story that keeps the listener entertained while feeding the answers bit by bit. Not the most spectacular story, but well worth the listen.

Brilliant new chapter begins...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 12 March 2008
Rating:   10

I was very sad when i thought India had had her last stab at Charlie in the Girl Who Never Was, but there was no need to be. Teaming a future companion with a different doctor is a great idea and in this play by Eddie Robson. it really works!

This story starts with a great scene of the Sixth Doctor's rescue of poor Charlie from the year 500002 on a deserted earth. I love continuity. And they already sound as good together as India did with Paul McGann for so long. In fact, it sounds like theyve known each other for ages! Colin really gets into his role as the good Doc in every story and Charlie gives a new beautiful boost to her role as Charlie.

I can see why she is confused at having the "wrong" doctor!

The story is fresh and actually seems far more real in pace and setting than a lot of other audio adventures. This really does build suspense and keeps you guessing from the word go. I love the actors involved with this one. William Ash for a start gives a great performance as Sam, making him likeable despite the fact that he has killed someone. But he's paid for it. And Anna Hope is totally cool as the ice cool DI Menzies. The best should have been a companion for a long time. Great invention and great acting! This big finish scene is still nowhere near stagnant. Eddie Robson is a great writer too. He seems to me to write small stories with big aftermaths. Something different in tone and velocity that still is not stilted or boring. In a few more words...get this story, its brilliant...

How to Recycle a Character

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 13 December 2017
Rating:   7

Big Finish decided to finish Charlotte Pollard, then decided not to. The answer? Stick her with a different Doctor. And which Doctor might be furthest away from Doctor 8? Doctor 6, of course. So, stranded in the distant future and believing the Doctor dead, Charley thinks she gets a reprieve when the TARDIS turns up in answer to her distress call. However, it's not her Doctor whose TARDIS she runs into. Unable to tell this Doctor who she is (laws of time and all that), she lies, poorly, that she has amnesia. Doctor 6 becomes quite interested in this conundrum of a young lady, and takes her along hoping to figure her out. Their first stop is Manchester in 2008. There, they stumble across a murder in condemned block of flats, but, of course, nothing is quite what it seems. Charley gets kidnapped, and the Doctor pairs up with a sarcastic police officer, DI Patricia Menzies. Aliens are hiding themselves as humans. Why? And why was one murdered? The story itself is somewhat standard Doctor Who fare with a rather preposterous explanation.

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