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The second sequel in a great series!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 27 January 2008
Rating:   10

Well I must say that I loved The Curse Of Peladon, dripping in atmosphere and tension. The sets were also very realistic. Then came for me an even better sequel, dont know what some people think about the Monster of Peladon, saying its a rehash and nothing more. I loved this story twice as much as Curse. And now we have an audio adventure which builds on the success of these first two television stories.

Peter Davison leads a brilliant cast in a multilayered gem that never seems to pause for breath. I was sad that this is to be Caroline Morris's last story. She was a great companion! But the story itself is a fitting ultimate adventure for her. This story also had a totally different enemy, i didnt guess at all....well, actually, its good when a script is written to keep you guessing as you can try to figure out who the voice really is before the end of episode three, and i was actually thinking of osirans, but was sure id be wrong, but i wasnt...anyway, this story has all the other major elements to make a decent peladon sequel, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, and an Ice Lord, or prince. This story has many twists and turns and is a real classy tale! Cant say much more about this great stpory apart from the fact that I wish it could be adapted for tv, along with the baby aggedors too! You have to get this story, its fantastic!

Why Peladon?

By:Doug, Matt loves everything ;-)
Date:Wednesday 30 July 2008
Rating:   5

First, just a little note about how I view the ratings scale - to me, 5 simply means average (not necessarily poor).

What we have here in The Bride of Peladon is a bit of a mixed up story, which gives us sort of two sequels in one, a switcheroo, and a drop off (for Erimem). We return to Peladon, and circumstances are basically modeled off of the vastly superior Curse of Peladon, complete with the kingdom of Peladon, Alpha Centauri, an Ice Lord, an Arcturan, and Aggedor. But the heart of the story is really not about Peladon. There is what seems like a very improbable evil force lurking there that has been hidden away for ages. It all works into a fairly good fourth episode, which provides a means for Erimem to find a place in which to end her travels with the Doctor. The choice of Peladon for this is, in my opinion, a bit unimaginative and her choice ends up coming off as being quite rushed. As the real story is really not about Peladon, it leaves me asking, Why Peladon? The answer seems to be that it provided a convenient, familiar set of characters to work with, and a somewhat logical, if unimaginative place for Erimem to decide to stay on with.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned, the fourth episode is pretty good, and the entire play is reasonably adequate (though the script and corresponding performances are a bit flaky here and there).

Goodbye to Erimem

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 26 August 2016
Rating:   7

The Bride of Peladon is one of those Big Finish stories that goes for all-out nostalgia, bringing together all the main elements of the two televised Peladon stories and adding a bit of Pyramids of Mars to it. So we get medieval political intrigue involving an alliance between Earth and Peladon, this time through a pending marriage. We get the main character types from the previous stories - an Ice Warrior ambassador, an Arcturan, Alpha Centauri (admirably voiced by Jane Goddard), Aggedor, a king's champion, a dodgy off-world mining expert, some stalwart miners, and so on. All of this is designed to propel the fan into flights of ecstasy, probably. It does, however, seem like a bit of a rehash, enough so that characters seemingly allude to the fact. One aspect that worried me was the question of where all the people were. If there is to be a royal wedding, what is going on with all the guests? If there is a big enough explosion to rock the mighty citadel, then why are the only ones on the scene the royals and VIPs? Surely, there would be emergency services of some kind, at least all the numerous subordinates who must live and work in the castle just to keep it running. So, where are they? The story does have its good points. The characters are deep enough to be convincing. Peri is especially active and quite determined, much more the way she should have been written in the televised program. Erimem's departure from the TARDIS crew makes emotional sense, and has already been prepared for in previous stories. It's a pleasant enough listen.

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