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I want a refund

By:Russell Gillenwater, Atlanta, GA
Date:Monday 9 February 2004
Rating:   1

An utter piece of crap. Just proof that if BF released a steaming turd some people would like like it. If I could have voted zero I would have, to think I spent $22 for this.

A brilliant combination of old and new.

By:Doug, New York
Date:Sunday 14 March 2004
Rating:   9

I can't just let the other review here stand without challenge. Zagreus is an exceptionally good story. Sure, there are loads of old characters and famous lines rehashed and scattered throughout, but at the same time there's a fascinating, groundbreaking story that takes things to new heights and in a new direction. It's like the most far out of the New Adventures book titles by Marc Platt or Paul Cornell - think "Time's Crucible," "Timewyrm - Revelation," and "Lungbarrow." Maybe a bit too cerebral for some fans.

Good Idea, Too Confusing

By:Claire Chaplin, Gillingham, Kent, England
Date:Monday 13 September 2004
Rating:   8

The Alice references make the story seem rather confusing. However, India Fisher plays Charley brilliantly here and is one of the best characters. The characters played by the actors who played the Doctor work well too. My only worry is the bits with Rassilon. Do they always have to whittle Gallifrey stories down to betrayal? The TARDIS throwing the Doctor's things out may have worked, if the TARDIS' hadn't been disguised as the Brigadier. Besides, I thought the TARDIS was a she.

Overall, an enjoyable listen, but it's better to ignore the plot.

A 9 are you crazy

By:Lee, Rogersville, TN
Date:Saturday 4 March 2006
Rating:   1

This is utter trash. BF should be ashamed to have released a CD this bad. This story is too cerebral, for whom, a 1-year-old monkey?

Three CD's, 40 years' worth of Who

By:Paula, Johnstown, PA, USA
Date:Monday 12 November 2007
Rating:   9

Really, it is. The story is chock-a-block of the in-gags that have been scattered throughout the Who universe since its inception. No, not every era gets its equal time in the limelight (limespeaker?), but what is here should get a knowing grin or ten from those who know classic Who.

The cast list is interesting, if a little bit frustrating. There are loads of companions, and obviously four Doctors turn up, but the majority are not playing those for whom they are known. In fact, the past Doctors don't really show up as incarnations of the Doctor until quite late in the story, which is somewhat frustrating (although the "Author! Author!" bit was a long overdue hoot).

Everybody's a lot of fun here, but I especially enjoyed listening to Sylvester McCoy. After what I've heard on the CD's, I wish I could've watched Paul McGann recording this. India Fisher gets some fantastic lines (her reference to the "boys" had me laughing out loud), and Charley really comes into her own here.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, but I have a sinking feeling that someone at Big Finish wanted to come up with a big story event for the 40th anniversary but didn't quite grasp all the implications of the story as outlined. There are indeed holes here, to be sure, and they send the Eighth Doctor down a continuity that has me scratching my head when I regard the Lucie Miller stories (precisely what does the word "never" mean to these people?!).

Ultimately, I thought "Zagreus" was worth it. (I only wish it came with more liner notes!)

Another Blockbuster fails to explode

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 3 March 2008
Rating:   4

Zagreus, like Neverland, is just too long. The trouble is that Big Finish probably could not afford a big enough cast to make this work. We do not have enough actors. Another problem involves bringing in old Doctors and companions to play themselves playing someone else. Bonnie Langford is marvelous as a baddie, but since we know it is all not really happening, it spoils the fun. That gets me to the real problem. As with Neverland, some good ideas get ruined by stretching out just too far. The Alice in Wonderland motif goes well past its sellby date. And we get lots of Doctor 8 agony. Finally, we get the very pointless "twist" of making Rassilon a bad guy. Come on please. Why not get a bad guy of your own? Why not have a real Zagreus who is a real bad guy?

A celebration....very nearly....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 5 April 2008
Rating:   8

The Three Doctors was class for me.
The Five Doctors was a let down to say the least.
The Two Doctors was excellent stuff.
The Sirens of Time was blinking excellent stuff.
Project Lazarus was brilliant too.
But the question is does Zagreus offer as much excitement as many previous more than one doctor tales? The answer is yes, but only just.
This really is a Charley story. India Fisher is a great find as a companion. She works so well alongside Paul Mcgann, but they are seperated nearly all the way through this, and that is why i dont think some elements of this story work too well. The other doctors arent really given massive parts either, not as great as Pat and Colin in the Two Doctors. But they are not bad in what they do get to do. This has all the feel of a massive comic strip actually. I can imagine this being a large sized magazine entry. Some of the characters are funny though. And there are many very good moments, you just have to find them thats all. Lisa Bowerman and Sophie Aldred defintely deserve a big mention. Elizabeth Sladen's part is poor only because shes basically only in one stupid scene. And the use of Jon Pertwee in this story is a delight though, and wonderful to hear him again after so long. Very interestingly done. Nick Courtney as the voice of the TARDIS is very impressive too. But all the other elements dont deliver as well as they could have done. And yes, maybe this is just a little too long a story overall. But by no means is this a total waste of time. The final gethering of the doctors is a great scene. And Nick and Paul get together again for clamatic last scenes as the TARDIS lays bear its soul.

Only Gets Better with Age

By:Paul Williams, New Brighton, United States
Date:Monday 9 June 2008
Rating:   10

The first time I listened to the CD, I thought it was pretty good. The second time, I was surprised at how much I missed. The third time, I really enjoyed the word play and I realized that I misjudged the CD the first time. Its one of the few Big Finish audio adventures that are complex enough to hold up to repeated listenings. (Others that fall in that category--Holy Terror, Chimes of Midnight, Loups-Garoux, and Immortal Beloved.

Doctors Parts

By:Andrew Shaw, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 14 April 2011
Rating:   9

I did enjoy this story but I like it better when the past Doctors are playing themselves I understand its his concsiousness (think I spelled that right) I didnt like the way Rassilon was defeated I know the Doctor is the hero but Rassilon was meant to be one of the mightiest Timelords and think it could have went a different way nevertheless I did enjoy it and had to listen to the John Pertwee parts on my Hi Fi as I couldnt hear him properly on my MP3 player. Plus I didnt like the fact they said the Doctor will lose his Timelord senses in the new universe, because Tardis Time and Doctor should always be together, Ive still got to get through the future ones so something might change about this (Hopefully)

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