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Entertaning but flawed

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 29 November 2007
Rating:   8

This story suffers from comprasion with Genesis of the Daleks, one of the all time greats (THE greatest in my opinion)thats not to say its not enjoyable, it is, its just that the faults, wobbly daleks, sub standard Davros stand out more. On the plus side the chemistry between Tom Baker & Lalla Ward is wonderful & the location is pretty good. A,as per usual,good range of bounus features. Watching the story with added CGI effects added to the enjoyment & a cracking, if short, documentry on Terry Nation plus some very funny Australian TV adverts for computers featuring Tom & Lalla.

It was a brilliant story line

By:Sam, Plymouth
Date:Sunday 16 December 2007
Rating:   9

The Daleks were magnificent. I'd never seen anything like it. Even though i'm only 12, i like the old episodes of doctor who. I can't wait until the next release. Beneath the surface. Ithad brilliant special features and a fantastic easter egg. Davros was terrifing to watch on screen. I hope he comes back in the new series. The Movellons were brilliant robots, and the love between lalla ward and tom baker was high in this one. I could watch it for a whole week.

Bins vs Mopheads...

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 27 February 2010
Rating:   8

'Destiny of the Daleks' was the final story written by Terry Nation, creator of the Daleks. He had been writing for Doctor Who since late 1963 and although he was a great writer he did tend to repeat elements - a lot! I won't list them (they're available in DWM 418) but it's a good thing he decided not to write for Who again, as by now, 16 years later, these elements are becoming tedious bordering on annoying.
Luckily there are a few saving graces. Davros, although poorly played by David Gooderson, has some cracking dialogue ("Supreme Dalek?! That is a title I will dispute!") and the Movellans (who look rather silly) do add another dimension to the story which unfortunately was never really repeated.
The extras on the disc are quite good. The CGI Effects are the best feature, as some of the original sequences are diabolical, and there's also 'Terror Nation', a documentary on the Daleks' creator - this is, however, too short.

Hugely maligned, for no reason..

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 9 June 2011
Rating:   7

Genesis of the Daleks is weaker than this story by a long chalk. In the fact that their are far more daleks in this tale, given the fact that its also two episodes shorter. Genesis of the Daleks had a better Davros, one has to admit, but David Gooderson is nowhere near as bad as many seem to think he is.

But still, even Destiny has its inherent weaknesses.

I love the comedy inherent in this script, that was sadly the last to come from Terry Nation's great brain. Lalla Ward and Tom Baker so clearly spark off each other. Lalla Ward makes an instant good impression as Romana too, although Ive always been bewildered by the fact that Mary never got a proper goodbye scene. And obviously Time Ladies have a different kind of regeneration cycle too!!

The Daleks here do look very battle scarred and warpoed, which is a brilliant point actually, considering they have been in a war thanks very much indeed.

And Romana can clearly fool those stupid tin pepperpots, as she says they were once humanoid themselves but earlier under the daleks lie detector she says she knows nothing at all about the daleks, the devious little woman!

The two things I hate about this tale is firstly that woeful Why not try climbing after us scene. Right from The Chase we SEE that daleks can go upstairs, although we're left wondering how until Rememberance of the Daleks. So this scene is just a totallly moronic and cringe worthy scene that spoils this episode no end. Secondly its that dalek threat to the Doctor, that they will exterminate all the slaves in turn til he surrenders. And its a gross character misjudgement to have the Doctor wait til two have been killed before he acts! That is the most lamentable dog mess in the whole of the Tom Baker run of the series.

Thankfully the rest of the story is of a far stronger quality. The Movellans are a very intereseting race of robots. Its brilliant in all the seasons where they flail about after there power packs have been snatched off their belts! And i love it when Romana boots Sharrells arm off! Quite brilliant comedy there which makes up for the earlier rubbish.

So this is nowhere near a perfect tale, but it does on the whole satisfy more than Genesis of the Daleks. That Davros triggers the daleks demise too is another excellent moment too! Ha ha!

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