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One of the best Big Finish stories yet

By:The Admiral, Perth, Australia
Date:Friday 4 March 2005
Rating:   10

A good Dr. Who story tends to follow the usual rehashed storyline with a few surprises. A great Dr. Who story is usually experimental with somethings you absolutely never expected. This story starts out as a good Dr. Who story that turns into a great Dr. Who story.

Bringing back an old villian (Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, etc.) usually means a story very similar to what happened in the previous stories. Of course, Davros falls into that category and you expect a rehash of the old storylines.

Instead, you get Davros without the Daleks, half of the story showing unexpected things about his past on Skaro, and a perfect foil to the 6th Doctor. Colin Baker and Terry Malloy both shine in their performances. I expected the 6th Doctor to be the hero to Davros's villian but was shocked to see him as humorous to Davros's darkness.

This story is character driven. Even the secondary characters are fascinating. The story flows from the characters and the events build to an exciting and satisfying finish.

Motivation Problems

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 29 September 2006
Rating:   7

Of the three history of the baddies adventures, this one is by far the best. Terry Molloy has completely put his stamp on the Davros character. Old Doctor Who favorite actors Wendy Padbury and Bernard Horsfal are put to good use, given excellent and unexpected roles to play. Another plus is that the story presents a balanced picture of corporate morality. Repeatedly the corporate head balks at doing something such as spying on his employess because it is unethical. On the other hand, this contrasts rather sharply with his willingness to commit murder. This contradiction never satisfactorily works itself out. Another problem is the pop-psychology explanation for Davros's character. He was disappointed in love and that lead him to be a self-obsessed megalomaniac? Finally, the everything goes boom ending drags on too long. Entertaining, but flawed.

If only...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 4 April 2008
Rating:   10

If stories like this one had been put on screen at the turbulent times during Colin Baker's tv reign as the doctor, then it may not have even had to go through that 18 month cut. It would have grown in popularity instead of dwindling down to nothing, even though really Colin's period had some of the best action scenes ever in the history of doctor who. If only Lance had been there and written Davros for the season!

Terry Molloy is excellent as Davros, an intense and gripping performance from a fine actor.

And Wendy Padbury is nice too. Great to hear her again after so long i can tell you. Great that she doesnt scream the place down though. Here she is tough and even a bit catty.

Bernard Horsfall aint all bad either. This is a thrilling piece of Doctor who. An intense drama centred around one of the biggest gits ever in Doctor Who. Davros is mental and disturbed to the core of his soul.

Colin Baker needs no intro for this story either. He's as brilliant and solid as ever facing off again one of his greatest enemies. The anniversry year for big finish productions really did turn out some cracking good stories. The villains trilogy is the finest trilogy of stories ive ever heard in my life.

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