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A beauty of a book!

By:The master NM, London
Date:Monday 12 May 2008
Rating:   10

I loved Martha Jones- really did- she was one hell of a companion. She and the Doctor make one hell of a team and thats not just because she looks good in the part. Shes given a good back story to follow, and portrays her character really well. This storybook was just as good as the last. There was nothing i didnt find highly unbelievable or over them top. As before, the artworks outstanding, some of the finest writers have been given the task to write for the Doctor and his assistant and have shown us how good they really are.

This story book, like the last cannot be missed- it cant- not if your an avid fan of the series as a whole! I guarentee that this book willl satisfy you just like the last- in content, story telling and from pen to paper, this story book was a huge success!

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