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Perfection Part 2

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Sunday 23 September 2007
Rating:   10

Since the cover art (and a Big Finish audio promo) gives it away, it's no spoiler to say that Human Resources features the Cybermen, and that it does so in what is often the best way - sparingly. The Cybermen make their first actual appearance at the very end of Part 1, and the Doctor has unwittingly helped them by sabotaging their enemy. The voicing of these Cybermen is interesting, being a combination of the sing-songy voicing from the First Doctor story The Tenth Planet, and the voicing from the new t.v. series. The result works quite well, and makes it easy to believe that these are early Cybermen, from before they became established on Telos (though we should skip the twisted Cyber-history study).

In addition, the role of the Time Lords in Lucie's situation is finally brought to light, and everything is snapped into place quite nicely. A Time Lord weapon that is in play here is quite intriguing, and in addition to all of this, the script also manages to throw in some stinging criticisms of our present-day geo-political machinations without doing it too overtly. Some reviewers disagree with the ways in which the Time Lords are made to come off as being somewhat amateurishly petty here (in contrast to recent television portrayals), but I think it all works rather well. The Doctor also gives a brilliant little speech to the Cybermen about their inability to learn humility in the face of their own oppression - that because of this, they deserve to be oppressed.

The format of two fifty-minute episodes is used perfectly here in Human Resources. It gives good structure to the story, allowing for nice development without making the story feel rushed, while also demanding a certain economy that doesn't allow for unnecessary padding. And in Part 2, the pitch perfect wit continues.

I would have to say that Big Finish has never been better than Human Resources.


By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Saturday 4 October 2008
Rating:   10

As per part one this completes an EXCELLENT end to the series and conclusion to Human Resources. Listening to the Cybermen fighting for thier lives, al the threads of the hunter coming together, can't say too much just its a great story.

Solid Ending

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 2 November 2021
Rating:   8

Part 2 of "Human Resources" finds our heroes now out to face the Cybermen. It follows the pattern of Cybermen stories, conquer and convert. So, while this is going on, we still have the resolution of the Lucie story to work out. Why was she so interesting to our recruiter for the aliens? Why did the Time Lords take her out of time? Just how involved is the Head Hunter in all this? The details are nicely worked out. The main story is just a little predictable, once it becomes a Cyberman story. Still, the totality of "Human Resources" makes for good Doctor Who.

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