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Cold Dark and Excellent

By:Clive Wright, Jersey
Date:Saturday 21 February 2004
Rating:   8

This is what we want from Doctor Who. Madmen, cults and althernative universe that wants to destory everything.

Ace and the Doctor are at their best.

Another Cult Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 3 January 2007
Rating:   5

"The Dark Flame" is just a basic people secretly belonging to a cult and worshipping a dark primordial power story. It is not particularly bad in any way, just not different enough from others of its kind.

Yes, definitely more dark tales please..

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 18 February 2008
Rating:   10

I must say that I have always loved Doctor Who, but must confess to actually to never really being scared that much by any of the monsters, save the sea devils which scared me witless the first time i saw them. Some people like to be scared, im one of them! But Doctor Who has great sci fi yarns but never really any over scary stories. Big finish definitely remedy this with this story. I listened to it and thought it was flipping scary i can tell you. Dark sinister cults and an evil power that doesnt just say you will obey me all the time. This Doctor Who range from big finish has plenty of fresh and new ideas flowing through it, and The Dark Flame belongs in the list of the best actually in my opinion. The sound score is creepy as hell, everyone gets a lot to do and Sylvester Mccoy is on top form. Nice touch of dark humour and horror mix to make this one flipping good story. Definitely worthy of ten out of ten, and if you can be really be scared by a audio story, that shows how good it must be...

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