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By:William Merrick, London
Date:Thursday 19 July 2007
Rating:   5

The story is good and gets unfairly put down. I enjoy the story and think that the Coming Soon Trail
was great as a new feature! Interesting commentary as well!

Lame ....

By:Stephen Carlin, Huddersfield, UK
Date:Saturday 28 July 2007
Rating:   1

No matter how often I watch this story it NEVER gets better. It has nothing to do with the effects (if that was the case I wouldn't be interested in the majority of DW stories), nor the acting (although quite a few lacklustre performances do leave a lot to be desired) - no, quite simply its not a very good story, it is not very well told and there is far too much padding to make it worth any viewing. The first few minutes are quite good but once it starts to go downhill that's it, it just slides further and further into an unbelievably deep it. This ranks as on the series' worst stories. I didn't like it in 1985 and have never found anything about it to make it worth reconsideration. It does not improve with viewing or over time.

Better than some think!

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 1 July 2008
Rating:   6

This unfairly called rubbish, boring and silly, but people are wrong to a certain degree!
I like the story, although the idea of a time tunnel used for punishment instead of scientific research is silly, and the prosthetics on the Borad is the best seen in the series, classic and new, and the Coming Soon trailer is a brilliant new addition to the 2|entertain DVDs!
There are problems, though, mainly in the production values area of things; the Timelash is full of tinsel, and the Bandrils look like sock puppets!
This story is NOT poor, but it certainly falls short of the 'good' category.

Far away from the dire...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 11 October 2008
Rating:   10

In fact, stories that are less gripping and involving to me are such so renowned greats as The mind numblingly tedious Pyramids Of Mars, and the lame Robots Of Death. These stories dont keep half of the fun and interest as Timelash does. Well, for me at least.

Yep, I guess the acting in places and production are at times a little strained and weak, but this is still far better than the aforementioned bland stories. It has a great deal more going for it than a lot of people give it credit for.

For a start, this is a typical case of good and bad design, as the Borad really is a good design, yet the bandrils are obvoiusly puppets. But i dont give a toss about this. Doctor Who in the past always was cheap but hardly ever tacky and very occasionally the storyline triumphed over bad production, as is the case here. This is far more gripping than the woeful ending of Pyramids of mars, ending with a believable climax rather than a rediculous one.

Colin Baker is perhaps at his best here, and this story is a relief from some of the more harder and intense stories around it, but is still a great slice of Doctor Who. If only for the great android voices and Paul Darrow, who is wonderfully over the top as Maylin Tekker.

Put all your Pyramids and Robots away, this is far better TV.

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