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Would have made a great TV episode

By:Theta Sigma, USA
Date:Thursday 18 September 2003
Rating:   7

Well-written story featuring Peter Davison and Nicola Bryant along with newcomer Caroline Morris. This 4-part audio has the youthful Doctor and his two new companions caught up in an interstellar crisis connected to a cult of witches. The cliffhangers are dramatic and -in the case of Part 2-shocking. The original Davison theme is reprised here and the entire serial matches the feelings of the latter TV stories of the Fifth Doctor. Would have made a great televised episode for the most part. The voices of the chanting witches is the only drawback.

Terrible scheeching

By:Siskoid, Moncton, NB
Date:Friday 14 October 2005
Rating:   4

While this audio has some good performances by the regulars, including Morris' Erimem, I found it to be a screechy mess. The chanting witches grate on the nerves, certainly, but it's not the only thing. Sound design is all over the map on this one.

It's hard to follow the story, period. There's a lot of jumping from venue to venue, with characters that may or may not be human with strange accents. Well, I did enjoy the variety there, but it's all a bit jumbled.

The "shocking cliffhanger" IS memorable, but excessively gory for Doctor Who, and may be considered unrespectful of the characters. The insertion of a rape into the story is likewise dubious.

Another big flaw for me is the presence of the supernatural. Even when Who does horror, there's usually some kind of SF principle behind it, but here, it's like the characters walked into Mordor or something. The fantasy cop-out ending doesn't help either.

Overall: While there are some good bit between the characters, the adult elements are force-fed into a story that is barely Whovian to begin with. A despressing mess.

Dr. Who vs. The Wicked Witch Of The West

By:David Layton, Los Angeles
Date:Thursday 24 August 2006
Rating:   3

The basic idea of a man who gains immortality of a kind by placing himself in his own little perfect moment of history to relive it for eternity is fascinating. The supposition that this would use colossal energy is sound. After that, though, everything else goes wrong. In a misguided attempt to make Doctor Who "adult," we get a needless rape of one of the crew members, and a terrific amount of cannibalistic gore, not the least of which is the cliffhanger beheading of the Doctor. The worst part, though, is Gilli Cohen's performance, sort of Margaret Hamilton on speed. Does anyone really cackle in this way? I kept expecting her to say, "I'll get you, and that little cat, too!" And did I perhaps hear "Oh, what a world?" as she died? Or is it just that I could not help but be reminded of that old wicked witch every time she opened her mouth?

An alien world for once...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 18 February 2008
Rating:   10

Some doctor whos suffer from being portrayed as set on alien worlds, but all the plots and people are so human like that the story would have been better set just on Earth. You dont always get a truly alien feel to the stories. Here is another great Big Finish story where for once you do feel like this place where the Doctor has landed is totally alien. Nekromanteia uses a few old score things, like witches and centaurs, but does it in animaginitive and fresh way. The cliffhanger to episode two really was quite disturbing too, and ups the tension as to how the good Doctor is going to get out of his predicament this time. A real cool classy cliffhanger if you ask me, one of the best in the whole big finish series. I love the fact that Erimem isnt another pushover and screamer. She is tough and acted wonderfully by Caroline Morris. She fits in so well with Peter and Nicola!!! This story is far more worthy of attention than some people give it. Scary stuff...

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