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Teevee Tennant

By:Earle, New Zealand
Date:Sunday 19 August 2007
Rating:   7

The third season made a welcome return on a newly installed "Prime" television channel in my country, so was able to watch this Christmas Special for free (regardless of the in-between advertisements) on my own set.
I am very pleased to hear that the slightly simple-minded but nevertheless feisty Donna is making a return appearance in the eventual fourth season, Catherine Tate's character deserves to be examined in greater detail. And here is hoping that David Tennant reconsiders his apparent decision to depart at the end of the aforementioned series, as the gossip mills are speculating. He was on theatrical fire, that particular Sunday night!

Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride

By:Will Brook, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Date:Sunday 1 June 2008
Rating:   2

The Runaway Bride - A expensive christmas cash-in, guest-starring 'Catherine Tate'

A big let-down

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 9 June 2008
Rating:   6

After the super 'The Christmas Invasion', we were hoping for something that would live up to expectations, and maybe even better them. However, this is a total let-down compared to that first Christmas special.
However, it certainly is not as bad as 'Voyage of the Damned'...

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