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Contrived and Confused

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Thursday 13 September 2007
Rating:   5

No More Lies starts out with the Doctor and Lucie in mid-adventure, dealing with Dr. Zimmerman and his time whip (lethal to the Doctor) on his massive timeship somewhere. Cue the inexplicable, rather lengthy violin interlude, and we are ahead in time, except that we don't know that yet, at a garden party somewhere. Then, abruptly, we go back to the mid-adventure on the ship, where time-devouring Tarmadok begin to materialize out of the vortex. And back and forth it goes for a while, with additional bizarre violin interludes.

Once all of the action gets moved to the garden party, we soon get a good idea of what's happening, and before much longer, it's all over. The most important, and briefest thing that happens here is that the final minute or so accelerates the backstory that's been woven through all of the episodes so far.

It appears to me that what happened here is that the production staff became enamored with Julia McKenzie and her singing voice, and just sort of found some other stuff to surround her and her song with. As the actors go, it must be mentioned that Tom Chadbon (Duggan in City of Death), makes a very welcome appearance here. His presence goes a long way toward redeeming the other aspects of this production.

No More Lies is marred by poor direction, especially in the early scenes (in which the dialog is very unclear), a confused and confusing script, and a very contrived title, as the one supposedly lied to, who gratuitously speaks the words, "no more lies" near the end, actually seems to have had a pretty good idea of what had been going on...

There is good in everyone

By:writingbluebear, Jersey
Date:Monday 17 December 2007
Rating:   8

Surprising and enjoyable. For once over the last few years this story had an original idea, a bad guy redeemed by love. Good pace and use of sound created a solid package.

Probably Better If Longer

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 18 October 2021
Rating:   7

"No More Lies" has an interesting premise or two. We get a messing around with time story linked to the question of whether a bad guy can redeem himself. The story starts with Doctor 8 and Lucie about 3/4 through an adventure trying to stop the nefarious Dr. Zimmerman. This is to establish the "bad guy." We are not given any more information about this adventure than this. Zimmerman escapes and the Doctor and Lucie track him down to Earth about 30 years later in Zimmerman's timeline. Things have radically changed for Zimmerman. However, on his tail are some ravenous time-eating, deep-voiced beasties who believe he has stolen something of theirs and want it back. I think the listener could get more invested in this if there were more to know about Zimmerman. That is why I think it would have better if it were longer. On a side note, this particular season of audio Doctor Who seems to have a running theme of love stories. I am not sure whether that was accidental or intended, but there it is.

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