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Saved by Collin and Maggie....

By:Steve Bundy, Bangor
Date:Friday 20 May 2005
Rating:   7

When rating this story, it is important to take into consideration that you can listen to it free on the bbci website - a fact that gets it an instant extra two points from me as a poor student!

The half cybermen and the suprise about the controllers past are really really good, but alas there is something wrong when the emotionless, dispassionate cybermen manage to out act the human cast. Both the doctor and evelyn are amazing as ever, but the rest of the acting is a little dire (with specific mention of the guy who was also in the tvm...forget his name now...)- not something ive ever had to say about a big finish play before!

So yeh, a mixed bag, but as a freebie with the animations on bbci it makes for a fairly ok listen.


By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 25 October 2006
Rating:   6

Real Time has been written with a sequel in mind. That sequel has not and probably will not be done. Thus, there are some very obvious holes in the story that have been deliberately left to fill. Thus, the whole thing just has an incomplete feeling to it. It does work in a very traditional Doctor Who way, similar to

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