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Tub-thumpingly stunning!

By:Tim Neal, Leeds
Date:Wednesday 21 February 2007
Rating:   10

Murray Gold's music is the strongest the show has ever had and will hopefully stand the test of time (I love the Radiophonic Workshop crew's contributions but more from a nostaligia stand point than thinking much of it stands up today). Whereas Dudley Simpson's 'music' augmented the visuals perfectly, in isolation they hardly make for relaxed listening. In that regard, Murray's music is bliss - elegant, spiritual, dynamic. If anything the music overpowers the visuals a tad too often on telly (certainly overpowers some of the dialogue), but on CD the effect is magical and listening in a darkened room is the perfect way to transport yourself back to the atmosphere and mood of key scenes from the first two series. I eagerly await volume two.

Oh and it has Neil Hannon whose genius even outshines that of Gold!


By:Mark Lawrence, Bournemouth, England
Date:Saturday 21 April 2007
Rating:   10

Television scores don't get much better than this! This collection of Murray Gold's first work for Doctor Who puts most cinema scores to shame. It features both the Tennant opening theme and and a ( highly compressed ) full length CD version.

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