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Genuinely disturbing!

By:Nicholas Murphie, Newtown, Australia
Date:Thursday 12 October 2006
Rating:   9

2006's BF releases have been on the ordinary side (except Kingmaker) so it was refreshing to finally get another excellent release in Red. Though this story features the 7th Doc and Mel, therefore sits within Season 24, there is very little to liken it to that farcical season. This is very dark stuff and genuinely disturbing... and I mean that in a complimentary way. It's gripping and compelling and perverse. The majority of characters are so well rounded out that this society that has been devoid of agression, and thus crave the agression, seems so real. Some fabulous characters - like Vy... And Whitenoise has to be the best computre since Hal! All 4 eps were well paced, despite the longer running time. This was different Dr Who... The sado-masicistic stuff probably would not sit in the new TV version, but on audio it was a refreshing and compelling challenge.

Enough With Rolling R's Already

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 2 December 2006
Rating:   7

Just how long can Sylvester McCoy roll an R? Writers at Big Finish seem determined to test that question, and so far Red comes up victorious. I think I had the rolled R thing figured in The Greatest Show In The Galaxy, so please, Sylv, if you are reading this, give 'em a rest.

OK, now on to the story. Red is one of the stronger dramas for 2006. It is certainly one of the goriest. I am reminded a bit of early Clive Barker in the depiction of uncontrollable urges to kill in horrible ways. There is clever play with colors: Red (rage), White Noise (logic), and Blue (depression). I felt this did not quite go far enough. Instead of unifying these three, we get diverted into the Red seeking out the Doctor and some nonsense about time. Oh, the Doctor is a time traveller, see, so everything he does has to involve time. Not when this makes the writer bypass a golden opportunity to work some clever plotting in which Red, White, and Blue (America? England? France?) form a folie a troix. So, high marks for atmosphere and a well-worked alternate society. Demerits for missing the obvious.

Absolutely brillant!

By:Tim, Cremorne, Sydney
Date:Thursday 11 January 2007
Rating:   10

the doctor who ever created

Paradise Towers eat your heart out

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Tuesday 3 April 2007
Rating:   9

After Paradise Towers I started to hate Doctor Who, I just wish they made this one instead. Mel has really come along as someone you can believe in and stands out as her own person not just a scream. Great plot, good action.


By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 5 April 2008
Rating:   10

There always was the people and viewers of the classic series who thought that at times doctor who was too violent. Poppycock. Compared to todays standards most doctor who violence pales in comparison to many a horror movie or normal everyday soap or something. But this story is a brilliant exploration of a pertinent and worthy subject. And as it is Stewart Sheargold's first script for a doctor who, it is formidable to say the least.

This story really has a papable sense of menace ringing right through it. From the exploration of the effects of violence in a controlled society. This is so well presented and explored as to be one of the most memorable audio stories from big finish in quite a long while. Add to that Sly Mccoy being excellent in his performance of the Doctor yet again. And i dont think his rolling "r"s are that annoying. Maybe im just weird though.

Bonnie Langford is back again on fine form as Mel. Boy i love Melanie Bush, this story proves that she can be a great character, even though she always was in my book. Then there are the great supporting actors as well. John Stahl as WHitenoise is memorable as the potty and slightly disturbed computer.

I suppose you would call this story a real psycho-drama, a dramatic exploration of real and important subjects. Violence really does get you nowhere at the end of the day. This story comes highly recommended from me.

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