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Delete! Delete! Delete!

By:the Traveller, the end of the world
Date:Tuesday 4 July 2006
Rating:   6

The TARDIS lands in a parallel world with another Mickey, dodgey ear pieces, and Trigger off Only Fools and Horses creating the Cybermen.
A very slow episode even when the Cybermen arrive, punctuated with the occasional great moment. 2/5

After carrying out a crap cliffhanger resolution, the Doctor and co race to defeat the Cybermen.
A bit better, but still not that great. 3/5.

The Doctor and Rose go to the 1950's where an alien named the Wire is sucking off peoples' faces through their televisions.
The Wire is a great enemy, but the rest's pretty poor. 2/5.

Proper little mummy's boy all round

By:Hatman, Croatia
Date:Wednesday 26 July 2006
Rating:   6

Not very good overall, but saved by the conversation in the idiot's lantern:
'Ooh, he loves his mummies this one, proper little mummy's boy all round
'Oh, you know what they say about them, you'll have to beat it out of him!'
'Yeah, that's exactly what I'm Gonna do!'
One of the funniest bits in the series!


By:Nathan Lloyd, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
Date:Monday 16 October 2006
Rating:   9

The first two parter of this series is good. Rise of the Cybermen is a bit slow, but the Age of Steel is a faster more action oriented episode. The downside of this two parter is you do feel cold, because the majority of the story is taken outside at night in the freezing cold. Billie Piper looks like she is catching frostbite in that maidens' dress. On the other hand, the Idiot's Lantern is fantastic because the episode is set in the 50s during the coronation of the Queen; it is quite interesting. The Wire is a great villian and is menacing; so overall good.

Doctor Who - Series 2: Volume 3

By:Will Brook, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Date:Sunday 1 June 2008
Rating:   4

Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Superb story but a little slow
The Idiot's Lantern - Rushed, just put in just to put the episode count up (Quantity doesn't always mean quality)

This trio must be upgraded!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 9 October 2010
Rating:   4

Consdiering this first two parter to feature the cybermen borrows elements from the big finish audio production Spare Parts, this tale has none of the impact of that excellent audio story. This story is so boring its unbelievable. The presence of the cybermen is secondary to Roger Lloyd Pack, although Roger's performance is one of the only saving graces of this otherwise dull as ditchwater tale. The Cybermen may be a brilliant design here, pity they dont hardly even appear in the first episode. Even the second part scene with the fused Cyberman isnt as effective as the original in Spare Parts. And yet again that Rose is getting on my nerves. Its a shame Billie has been lumbered with scripts that make her so brash and catty and unlikeable all along the way. But at the end of the day at least Mickey gets more to do, even if that more to do is boring as henry. And Camille is rather sidelined here too, and isnt her usual brilliant self. Even if she is a parrallel universe Jackie and all that. This is definitely the very worst Cyberman story ever. It just never ever gets going. And that scene with the two "Mickeys" is obviously fake. You can tell this is a classic case of overlaying. This is the worst story of the new series too bar The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. Very much a letdown. Sorry to do a demolishion job, but its just my view of this bland two parter.

The Idiots Lantern isnt all that much better either. It looks like all the characters noses are trying to burst out from those featureless faces. The Wire may be one of the more well portrayed aliens of the series, but that alone doesnt stop this story from not being all that original. And its not nice when youre glad that Rose is silent and faceless for the bulk of the episode, because her character is so catty that its a relief to be reprieved from her having speech. And the characters here all seem just that little bit over the top and melodramatic. Yes, this story is better than the two part cyber tale, but not much better. Overall these three stories come as such a dissappointment.

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