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the best

By:terri-mai nicholls, Margate
Date:Saturday 3 June 2006
Rating:   10

it is the bes thing i have watched on tv and actually can not remember

Entertainment all the way...

By:the Traveller, the TARDIS
Date:Sunday 4 June 2006
Rating:   8

When the Doctor and Rose go back in time to Scotland, they find a werewolf, Queen Victoria, and some very cool kung fu monks waiting for them.
The opening scene has got to be one of the greatest in Doctor Who, proving that history is in no way boring. The werewolf is realised well on screen and David Tennant continues to impress. 4/5.
The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, K9 and Sarah Jane Smith battle the Krillitanes at a school run by the Prime Minister off Little Britain...
Although the plot of this story is a bit naff and K9 does very little, the pace never lets up and Elisabeth Sladen puts in a good performance. The Doctor's speech about humans dying is very poignant too. 3/5.
Droids from a 51st Century spaceship are stalking a woman from the 18th. Why?
The best so far in the new series. David Tennant excels, especially in his scenes with Reinette (both young and old). The story actually stops about 10 minutes early, leaving room for a proper unrushed ending. 5/5.

Oh children, the things you will see...

By:Hatman, bkfjghkfdgkjfhdjkghfjsville
Date:Tuesday 4 July 2006
Rating:   10

This gets ten on the strength of school reunion. The others are a little bit rubbish. the traveller is wrong. WRONG!

Early Lunch

By:the Traveller, the end of the world (different PC)
Date:Tuesday 4 July 2006
Rating:   10

I've changed my mind since the last review.
All 3 episodes deserve 10/10.
Also, there's a great bit in School Reunion. That little scene after the Doctor's met Sarah and he stares into the distance while the school pupils walk by - amazing.
"The Traveller and Timelash, it seems you cannot have one without the other!"

'The Slow Path'

By:Nathan Lloyd, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
Date:Monday 16 October 2006
Rating:   9

This volume is way more inferior than the previous volume. Tooth & Claw is a very great story involving Pauline Collins as Queen Victoria and the werewolf looks real. Also, David Tennannt has the chance to talk with his native Scottish tounge in this story; and Torchwood is coined. The story I don't like though is School Reunion. Me being a fifteen year old get bored of school- we want more variety. I pleased to see Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and K9 returning. The real gem on this disc is The Girl In the Fireplace. The oximoron between the 18th and 51st century is fascinating along with the time windows. Sophia Myles makes the role of Madame de Pompadur her own and is brilliant in the role. Overall this disc would have got ten from me, but School Reunion brings my mark down slightly.

Doctor Who - Series 2: Volume 2

By:Will Brook, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Date:Sunday 1 June 2008
Rating:   7

Tooth and Claw - A smashing little adventure
School Reunion - A bit rushed and silly
The Girl in the Fireplace - Overrated

Only one jewel amid the rough...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 9 October 2010
Rating:   6

Tooth And Claw brings nothing new to the mythos of werewolves. This story is actually hardly even scary. its stilted and boring and Id rather watch paint dry than carry on watching this. And the Doctor's rather course and very out of character remark about the Elephant man was for me very offensive and unnecessary. And above all else very out of character for someone who usually sides with the underdog. The werewolf isnt even all that impressive either, and the character of Queen Victoria may be spot on, pity about her treatment of the Doctor at the end. And a real shame about the totally over the top final scene. If this is Doctor Who trying to be funny it doesnt succeed at all. And for once, not even David Tennant saves this. And Rose is as annoying a character as ever. Sorry, but the old classic series was never as tedious as this.

School Reunion is maybe a little bit better. But this is mainly due to the appearance of Li Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. Although the bbc team seem to have forgotten that Sarah met the doctor again after being left in that street at the end of the Hand of Fear, so that pretty hefty discontinuity and I hate it. Considering the heads of these serials claimed to have looked closely at all the happenings in Doctor Who history. This is nothing brilliant, its just more watchable than Tooth and Claw. And Anthony Head's character seems so wasted here. His part isnt big enough. Another let down overall with a frankly absurd central plot with an idiotic Skasus Paradigm. To think that a code could write the universe. As if man.

The only jewel here is the brilliant The Girl In the Fireplace. This is a Doctor Who story that really shines. The characters are all very well realised and brought to life. Madam de Pompadour is one of my favourite new series characters. The sadness of the Time Lord at the conclusion of this tale is excellently done by David, and finally he really has a decent story to get his teeth into. The bits of bodies littered through the ship is unsettling and slightly sick, and original too. At least the first David Tennant series is going somewhere in the right direction. And even Rose isnt quite as annoying or mouthy as she usually is, which for me is a big relief. I liked Billie Piper for one or two episodes and this is one of those rarities. Maybe the only slight quibble with this story is Noel as Mickey, he seems to be sidelined with no decent involvement in the plot as a whole. But the design work too here is excellent, and the clock work robots really are incredible looking. Pity this story is the only one of note in this three story dvd. Sad.

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