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Enter Doctor No. 10...

By:the Traveller, Earth/New Earth
Date:Sunday 7 May 2006
Rating:   7

(Note: I am reviewing the episodes themselves from TV as I haven't bought the DVD)
The Doctor's regenerated, and while aliens threaten the Earth, the last of the Time Lords is tucked up in bed...

When the Doctor and Rose go further than they've ever gone before, they encounter a bizarre disinfectant system, an old enemy, and some very strange looking nuns...

The Christmas Invasion gets David Tennant off to a fantastic start. Within the 20 minutes proper screen time that he gets, he steals the show, and makes the role his own - he IS the Doctor.
New Earth is slightly less impressive. Although the cast and design work are brilliant, the comedy aspect somewhat overuns the story, and while some of the comedy is well handled, some of it appears childish and silly. The final scene between Chip and Cassandra makes up for it though.


By:The Rani, Gallifrey
Date:Thursday 11 May 2006
Rating:   10

The 10th Doctor's era officially gets underway with a blast. The hourlong Christmas Invasion allows the Doctor to rest up and recouperate after sacrificing his ears and his life for Rose. The new Doctor (after an initial period of manic hyperactivity on Children in Need - not on this disc) succumbs to the overdose of energy in his system and he spends a while in bed recovering. Rose does her best in the meantime to try and shoulder the Doctor's burdens but it gets too much for her. Elsewhere Harriet Jones (Prime Minister) gets to grips with an alien invasion and is abducted by them, after a possession scare with many people climbing up onto high buildings. When things finally get to their worst the Doctor recovers in time to save the day, albeit it with a second new hand. The Doctor then settles down somewhat in New Earth (he and Rose have been off having many fantastic adventures inbetween it seems) he's now a lot more sure of himself and Rose is more comfortable with him. So it comes as little surprise that he can tell when Rose is possessed by Cassandra (Billie having the time of her life overacting outrageously as Cassandra) and then the Doctor going into angry guy mode when he discovers what's really going on. Here he's much more assertive and sure of himself. He's even scaryier than Ecclestone at one point and comes across as a Doctor who can do anything, even though 80% of it was probably bluff. He's not someone you want to bet against that's for sure. The appetite is then whetted for more adventures thanks to the teaser and I for one can't wait for the new DVD release :)

New, new Doctor

By:Nathan Lloyd, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
Date:Monday 16 October 2006
Rating:   8

The Tenth Doctor's first DVD is OK. The Christmas Invasion is a good story with a brief nod to the Third Doctor's years with UNIT, but as ever with the new series, there are too many moments where you cringe with embarrasment. Not just for yourself, but the actors. The Sycorax are great aliens and remind me of the Nazis by putting the human race as slaves. Meanwhile New Earth is another good story. Billie Piper is excellent in this episode. She is permitted to act over the top when Rose is possessd by Cassandra. And David Tennannt is scary in this episode; maybe scarier than his predesser.

Doctor Who - Series 2: Volume 1

By:Will Brook, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Date:Sunday 1 June 2008
Rating:   7

The Christmas Invasion - Drags on a bit but not bad

New Earth - Underrated

Every other Doctor...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 9 October 2010
Rating:   6

Every other Doctor had a good story to start with. They all immediately got deep into the role of the Time Lord, and immediately were a big part of the action. So for me, The Christmas Invasion just doesnt work at all im afraid. To have David sidelined and lying in bed may be reminiscent of Jon Pertwees debut, but at least Jon got to do some good stuff before the end of Spearhead from Space. A single sword fight doesnt save the Doc from seeming to be just a spare part, almost a secondary character. And Rose's attitude to the Doctor here doesnt warm me up either. Just shut up and get on with it. Even the Sycorax design isnt particularly blindingly brilliant. This is one of those new series instances where they just dont convince, and its clear they are all just costumes. David really deserved a better debut than this. About the only good scene is when half the population stand right on the end of the roof, but thats just one scene. A very boring and bland debut. It doesnt help either when the Daddy Christmasses are more memorable than the sycorax!

New Earth is funny and engaging. Russell T Davies witty little script sparkles. And at last we get to the heart of the character of Cassandra, who wants to escape her skin prison. Funny that she was the one that made herself like this. I thought flatness was beautiful last time? But aside from this one slip, this story is brilliant. Shes probably finally realised that being just a trampoline doesnt aid mobility all that much! The Cat nurses are a good race of aliens, devious and totally unscrupulous. And Billie's acting here for once doesnt annoy me. As shes basically someone else for the whole story, and that is a relief for me. And David Tennant finally gets to lead and show us what a good Doctor he can be. And the ending of this story is good, touching and light. This lifts the series up a bit, as most of the rest of this season is totally forgettable and stagnated. Old Doctor Who was NEVER as up and down as the new series has been.

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