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At last, it all makes sense!

By:Lord Nimon, Skonnos
Date:Sunday 19 November 2006
Rating:   10

Takes all the dalek stories in order, and ties it all together with the new series, and the Time War. A fantastic idea, that works.

And the extra 'Dalek' narration, such as the prologue to Power of the Daleks, with the capsule crashing on Vulcan is seamlessly done. You can almost imagine the film of it being junked!


By:Emperor Mamoru of the Daleks , Crystal Skaro
Date:Thursday 14 August 2008
Rating:   10

Exterminerin! What an excellent cd! Nick's narration works well with a haunting voice matching the evil daleks. i like the "fragments" of Dalek transmissions a lot. The Emperor is awesome on audio.

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