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generic title (there, happy now?)

By:Paul DeLong, Edison, New Jersey, USA
Date:Sunday 2 February 2003
Rating:   9

Great story - a nice romp through time and a time-related mystery. Excellent music (the music had some serious atmosphere...). Though I wasn't happy about the hand-waving dismissal of the paradox at the end.

Know it alls

By:Clive Wright, Jersey
Date:Saturday 20 December 2003
Rating:   6

A very fast story, in parts good the aliens are a surprise and very well handled but the ending weak and a little dismissive for me.

The biggest weakness for the 8th doctor and charley is that they seem to laugh everything off no matter how bad, or just know the answer to everything so whats the challange why bother?


By:Steve Bundy, Bangor
Date:Friday 20 May 2005
Rating:   9

Ha love this story it certainly has a good pace going! If only things like the chase had only had four parts...

Sebastian Grail makes an excellent villain, and all the supporting actors throughout are fantastic. The Doctor and Charley are probably my fab team on audio and make for great light listening.

And the "suprising" enemy? I nearly howled with laughter when i found out but they are actually nicely underplayed...

A definite nine for me - an excellent story from an excellent season.

Fairly good, actually

By:Paula, Johnstown, PA, USA
Date:Monday 5 November 2007
Rating:   8

I enjoyed this one quite a bit, for the most part. The romps through various historical periods and the Doctor's explanations thereof to Charley put me in mind of the historical veins of early Who. Too bad the one little smidgen of American history to make the script wasn't even true (Franklin was never President... pedant, me...).

I enjoyed McGann's narration in this one, but with one minor quibble... The placement of the narration relative to the dialogue tends to make the switch a bit jarring when it sets in. Other than that, great episode. I find that I very much enjoy listening to Charley and the Doctor (considerably more than I like listening to Lucie's adventures in the TARDIS later on, actually).

Harking back...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 3 July 2011
Rating:   9

Oh those great classic Bill Hartnell multi place, multi scenraio epics. Its been far too long since we had travelling stories of the density of The Keys of Marinus and The Dalek's Master Plan. Those were brilliant tales, where each episode took place in a different location, and for that reason were all the more jarring and at the same time all the more enjoyable and fun. For some reason though these sort of tales seem to fall out of favour with many and we get far more simple base under seige storylines instead, which is not a bad thing by any means, but can get a little repetitive if the whole season has the same formula. We need an upsetter, like the Enemy of the World was to season five. And after so many stories from Big Finish, we finally get two writers who want to write in that same eccentric and brilliant vein, and for the most part again here it works so very well indeed. The story flows along, and one episode per place means youre forever running to catch up with just what is going on along the road. And the reveal of the main villains is highly unsuspected! Bringing back them is a bold idea, such as Russell T Davies did with the Macra for the new series, (i wont tell you what they are this time so you can have a surprise if you havent listened to this tale before) Needless to say the monsters hark from a wrongly maligned season by the number 17. The Doctor and Romana's time. So go figure out what the aliens are. The voices here once more are captured expertly, and sound just like their 1979 counterparts. The character of Grayle is wonderfully devious and cunning too, played to perfection by Stephen Perring in his pre-Kroka days! As decent a villain actor youre ever likely to get. Paul McGann is getting into the role of his laid back and totally unfazed Doctor so well indeed, and India Fisher as Charley still greatly impresses. Perhaps the only quibble with this story is that the enemies have nothing very new or original in how theyre portrayed. But they are done extremely well, as Ive already said. And the small cast per each episode handles the scripting very well indeed. Audios with very few actors can be quite boring if not done right, but thankfully Paul and Caroline have hit almost every single mark they fired at. This is a great tale, one of the three decent stories in Paul's second season as the errant time lord. Im not all that glad that since this story for BFP weve not had another Keys of Marinus styled story, I for one love that format and it works so well as it always has done. After all, one of the main advantages of a multi era story is that it is never predictable. Please, please BFP, make some more stories like this please!!!!

Time and Time Again

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 3 October 2019
Rating:   7

"Seasons of Fear" is an interesting time-oriented story that gets us to travel to three different periods of England's history - Roman Britain, Saxon rule, and Age of Manners. The story concerns a man named Sebastian Grael, who tells the Doctor that Grael has killed him and is just creating a pocket timeline for the Doctor so Grael can gloat. This gets The Doctor onto Grael's trail through history, where Grael is trying to obtain immortality from his "masters." The story is interesting, and the chase through time premise works nicely. I think it would have been better if the writers were not forced to include elements for the season story-arc concocted for this collection of Doctor 8 adventures. These are rather awkward, and the one scene at the end is just gratuitous and silly.

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