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The Invasion of Time

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Saturday 20 October 2007
Rating:   7

After the recent devastation brought about by the civil war and the Pandora virus, Gallifrey is defenceless - the transduction barriers are down. The alien races who have recently been duly irritated by the Academy disasters are still hanging around, and immediately take advantage of the opportunity to invade. A new war has begun, possibly more devastating than the one that has just ended. But has it actually ended? Now the key players are engaged in attempts to seize the presidency through controversial political maneuvering. The legal mumbo jumbo is flying fast and furious, while the desperate struggle to repel the invaders goes on...

Though the dialogue gets rather ridiculous at times when delving into Time Lord law, Appropriation is much more focused and less ambitious than Warfare, so it is much easier to follow. A competent and interesting story.

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