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By:Paul DeLong, Edison, New Jersey, USA
Date:Sunday 2 February 2003
Rating:   7

I enjoyed this immensely. The "real" aliens were very comical. The cliffhangers were good. The noir was a nice added touch. My only complaint is that some of the characters were a bit stereotypical and hammy, but that only added to the humour of it all. A nice Who-style comedy.


By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 6 November 2008
Rating:   3

Those alien voices just grate. And the whole story isnt really that engaging. glory bee is the best character in it. thank goodness its as short as it is. this is dire from mark gatiss, after his many brilliant doctor who novels and the idiots lantern.

Underated and Enjoyable

By:TheNextDoctor, The TARDIS
Date:Tuesday 3 August 2010
Rating:   8

The Accents are rubbish, the aliens are crummy and facts are wrong (cause of the web of time), on paper this is a recipe for disaster but some Gatiss genius and perfect casting makes this a fun filled adventure. Gatiss says he didn't like the fact Americans put it down cause of the accents, fair point English just grit there teeth when the US shows do an awful English accent, I just got on with it and just enjoyed it. The aliens are perfect for the episode, we became used to 'nearly' unstoppable aliens that it seems stupid to have a rubbish set of invaders but it makes sense. Charley is on form in what feels like a small portion of the action but as always with Doctor Who, the Doctor is great. Paul proving that Gareth Roberts statement every Doctor has been right if it goes wrong it's not cause of them. The idea is great and the plot carries ok through the story. So if you want the whole the invaders are unstoppable game, this ain't for you but if you want a laugh and a romp of rubbish aliens and great performances then this is for you. It's not amazing but highly enjoyable and not bad.

Better The Second Time

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 26 September 2010
Rating:   8

I admit that during my first listen, I was not fond of "Invaders From Mars." However, when I listened a second time, I found the whole thing very amusing. The story is set in New York, 1938, but one that is more like a collection of movie cliches from that period than the real thing. We get stereotypical gangsters, stereotypical spies, stereotypical social gadflies, a seemingly stereotypical hardboiled detective mystery, and several horrid accents to top it off. In other words, audiences are fairly warned not to take any of it seriously. Then come the aliens, sort of space bat versions of the Dominators, with one ready to kill and destroy just about anything he sees and the other constantly talking him down by pointing out just how stupid it is to kill and destroy everything. In this sense, the story sends up not just films of 1930s New York, but also certain aspects of "Doctor Who" itself. There are many genuinely funny lines, such as the aliens' mistakenly thinking that Cosmo Devine's name is Scum Devine. The only perplexing thing about it is the Doctor's naive innocence throughout the story. Who could possilby be fooled by the name "Glory Bee"?

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