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Excellent whims and ways...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 26 October 2010
Rating:   10

The first thing i like about this story is that it boasts an excellent cliffhanger to episode one, of the best of the first season of Doctor Who, with the Doctor unconscious as fire engulfs the farmhouse.

The second cliffhanger too isnt bad, and one can note real horror in Ian's face as he sees Barbara and Susan being carted off to the guillotine. These scenes are quite heady and forthright and dont mess about with the true sickness of that method of execution.

And the comic element brought to the character of the Doctor is believable and warm. Him hitting that bloke over the head is brilliant. He is always with the underdog, and never has any quarms of knocking the occasional idiot out.

The scene where Barbara tells Ian to read his history books too before openly judging a person is a real good script point. Wish more people would do this sort of thing nowadays rather than blowing each other away. Doctor Who always does have a lot of good and insightful things to set about history and the present.

This tale begins strongly, with the Doctor ranting at Ian for nothing at all from the previous story. That he should be saved from the barn by the little boy he had earlier talked to is great, and wakes him up to the fact that they arent all that bad actually. This historical story is really strong for a whole host of reasons. The acting is strong, the themes are goos, and the sets are highly credible. This is another excellent historical tale...

Not so good, but an enjoyable listen

By:Sofia Fox, Hale, United States
Date:Tuesday 21 May 2019
Rating:   6

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