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Its the Past but not Earths

By:Clive Wright, Jersey
Date:Saturday 21 February 2004
Rating:   8

Nissa is given a strong role, whilst the Evil God Cult, shows the real failing of man, the idea of good and evil running throughout and handled well.

From other votes it looks like most people thought this was average, I don't agree, its a good, tradditional well thought out story.

Needs A Better Ending

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 6 August 2006
Rating:   6

Stephen Greif as the evil god Kwundaar steals the show. Wow, can this guy play evil. The air of menacing certainty takes me right back to Sutekh. The story itself is not quite up to that performance, though. It is not hard to figure out that Kwundaar had something to do with the creation of the Source. The Consuls of Traken are too caricatured, too pompous, too stupid, and so undermine the seriousness of the story. Nyssa's claim that in her day they do not study the history of Traken is just too convenient in plot terms. Finally, the big problem is that the god turns out really to be a god. This is handled in such a logically contradictory manner that it ruins the whole story. How can a god be betrayed by people and not know about it ahead of time? That is just for starters. I can think of a much better explanation and ending. Kwundaar could have been not a god, but merely a super engineer, a Rassilon or Omega of Traken, who was a chief designer of the Source and was distorted by the Source when it was switched on because he secretly harbored desires to use it to take control of Traken. In the process, he could have received his godlike powers as an accidental byproduct, the Source being new and untested. Now that makes sense.

so so wish wash

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 28 March 2008
Rating:   4

The opening scenes would suggest this was going to be a classic doctor who story. What with Peter Davison bringing poor sick Nyssa to Traken in the past to find a cure for her ailment. A good bit of continuity from the tv series too made me smile and think, yes this is going to be a winner.

But sadly i was rather let down by the end of the story. The promising start just dwindelled into one of the few very weak plays from big finish. Wish wash is the phrase that comes to mind to describe this tale. Sarah Sutton's performance is the only thing that saves this story in the end. Even Steven Greif and Kwundaar doesnt blow me away either actually. In the end, a great first five minutes, mish mash last 90 minutes. Not worthy of Lance Parkin at all. But greater was to come from this guy in Davros...

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