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Christopher Ecclestone is the Doctor

By:Peter J Pavey, Darlington
Date:Saturday 9 July 2005
Rating:   10

The DV'Ds are released as "vanilla" meaning no extras. But that does not detract from the overall standard of this release. The Dalek story obviously stole the show for me when it was first aired, and I still get that buzz when it starts to talk in the darkness of the cage. Christopher's performance as the Doctor is truly brought to life in this episode. The Aliens in the earlier episodes, the Slitheen are some of the most impressive of the series history, and the amalgamation of Live action and CGI is almost seemless. Hey were talking about the BBC here. For this reason I say go on buy it, you won't regret spending your hard earned cash, I personally have had hours of fun watching this with my family - the kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed the togetherness that this programme brings.

Exterminate the Doctor!!!

By:the Traveller, the end of the world
Date:Saturday 1 July 2006
Rating:   8

"Doctor?The Doctor? Exterminate! Exterminate!"

The first two parter works well, and although its pace is slower, it's still thoroughly entertaining.
Chris Eccleston really brings the Dalek episode to life, giving probably his most charged performance ever, ably, as ever, assisted by Billie Piper.


By:E.B., Australia
Date:Sunday 9 July 2006
Rating:   8

World War Three is as good, if not better as my greatest ever favourite, Inferno (which I have only seen once, a few years ago). But the others, only average.

Cracks Appear

Date:Wednesday 12 December 2007
Rating:   3

Dalek of course is a quality piece of work, its just a shame therefore that its partnered with AoL and WWIII which first showed the major cracks inherent in RTDs vision for the show

Doctor Who - Series 1: Volume 2

By:Will Brook, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Date:Saturday 31 May 2008
Rating:   6

Aliens of London/World War III - A poor two-part story with a rather run-of-the-mill plot of aliens taking over the world.

Dalek - Much improved and in my opinion the best of the series.

Daleks are back.

By:Pieter Knotnerus, Ter Apel, Netherlands
Date:Monday 13 February 2012
Rating:   7

Daleks are back.

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