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Some Good And Some Bad

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 22 June 2006
Rating:   7

This is a strange one indeed. There are a couple of inexplicable bits. One is that if it is the year 3000, and the glaciers are moving over formerly occupied land, then how does everyone know that the Ice Warriors were buried in pre-historic times? And how could they have been trapped in ice for all that time if that part of England was not covered by ice for thousands of years? Despite some fast and loose "explanations", the story itself works essentially by pitting competing worldviews against each other. Thus, we get the Ice Warriors' unchecked militarism against the Doctor's pacifism, Clent's desire for absolute order and predictability against Penley's free imagination, science against anti-science. The one real problem in the whole story is Victoria, who spends the whole thing sobbing and pleading and doing absolutely nothing to advance the plot or fight back.

A tiny bit less than enthralling...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 7 October 2010
Rating:   5

The fact that for the bulk of the story the Ice Warriors do little other than bully Victoria like lily livered hard nuts, and shoot one man. Well, it just doesnt really make for a totally awesome and brilliant tale. Whilst all the warriors may possess characters that are defined properly for once, in all other respects this is weak.

And thats a shame when one sees the cast list for this story. Because all the human cast are excellent. The sparks between Clent and Penley are amusing and some golden dialogue emerges from these two characters mouths.

Also though, the fact that aside from episode one nothing major happens to the glacier is hard to believe. What with Varga cutting such big holes out of it to his warriors!!! Flipping silly stuff. The snow mountain surely would have wobbled at least a little bit.

Pat Troughton again gives a brilliant performance though, with his hating of computers in the Doctor's mind coming through on screen very well indeed. And poor Frazer doesnt get too much to do either though. And to top it all off, Victoria is told to go back to the TARDIS half way through the last part!! Really nice! And Id like to know how the Doctor and co got the TARDIS back up properly when they arrived and toppled over...

So altogether, the Ice Warriors werent really needed for this story. Whilst their design is formidably brilliant and memorable, their standing around being bossy green prats isnt. The human characters are all that save this, and even then theres a few who dont get to really shine....

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