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Traditional Doctor Who

By:William cox, Winfield, W, Virginia, USA
Date:Tuesday 4 March 2003
Rating:   7

Mike Tucker's BBC novels manage to capture the feel of the McCoy era TV show, and he pulls off the same trick with his first Big Finish audio. The story is a traditional 7th Doctor tale that one could easily imagine being on television. The Krill might have been tough to pull off, however.

An interesting twist is bringing back the disfigured Master last seen in "Keeper of Traken", and this Master is a hundred times more menacing than Anthony Ainley's melodramatic turn in the role. I'm looking forward to Big Finish's "Master" story later this year - it should prove to be an interesting rematch.

Too scary for TV

By:Clive Wright, Jersey
Date:Wednesday 7 January 2004
Rating:   7

This pulls off, the real McCoy, playing on the darker side of life and the doctor. Delivered through a strong story, supported and enhanced with a great use of sound.

The master makes a welcome return, with his usual errors of excessive self believe.

The story grips and excellent sounds send your mind racing, I wonder how it would have looked on TV.

Interesting, unconventional story

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Friday 29 September 2006
Rating:   8

After listening to this once before, a few years back, I just went back and listened to it again. I remember that this one was my favorite Big Finish story for some time. I can't quite give it a 9, because the production didn't do so well with helping me visualize what was going on most of the time, but it's an interesting story that's really different. The pieces are slowly weaved together as the story progresses, and by the final "episode," we see just how much has really been going on. And the Doctor is about as much in the dark as we are.

Another problem with the story is that an understanding of just what this "warp core" creature was eluded me, even the second time I listened to it. But this is more than made up for by Johnson Willis' fantastic, demented performance as Damien, and the return of Geoffrey Beevers' truly sinister and dangerous Master. With the exception of Caroline John's rather grotesque accent, all of the actors' performances are excellent.

The story of what happened to the Master to return him to the state he's in here is fascinating - by itself it makes the whole production worth listening to. The fact that this would be written into the Big Finish continuity is quite unexpected and very cool. Of course, it also is a complete departure from 8th Doctor continuity, but given a choice, I'd go with this storyline over what we got in the Fox telefilm. If Dust Breeding was further developed for television and scenes were written into the story to actually portray what Ainley's Master did and what happened to him, this could be a really epic and gripping, if horrific t.v. story or feature. (Imagine season 26 ending with that instead of Survival!)

Overall, Dust Breeding is a real standout in the early Big Finish line of audio productions. Its reach extends far beyond the average Big Finish story, it takes some chances and pulls them off well, and we get a memorable, potentially cinematic story out of it.

Bullonium Overload

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 2 December 2006
Rating:   5

I am afraid I cannot agree with the rather high assessment other reviewers here have attached to "Dust Breeding." One reviewer noted a serious lapse that should not go overlooked. The "warp core" idea just makes no sense. Another problem not noted is that three bad guys, Warp Core, Krill, and Master, is just a bit too much in the way of evil. It is like watching those dreadful Batman movies in which our hero has to fight multiple baddies all competing for the spotlight. Then, we have to bring back a character from a previous story with little probable reason for it. We also get a convenient load of dead Daleks buried in the sand just waiting to be blown up. There is just too much stuff, and the whole thing goes kerblooey. On the positive, Geoffrey Beevers is superb as the Master, truly frightening, though I still miss Roger Delgado's dry wit in the role.

Just not anything really new....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 28 March 2008
Rating:   8

Yet again i say this is by no means a bad story, Geoffery Beevers returning as the Master gives it an automatic and chilling 7 out of 10 already, just for his fine reutrn to the role. And thbe thought of a sentient being locked into a painting is a cool and imaginative thought. Just all the rest of the story that lags a little behind with so so action moments and so so cliffhangers. Although Caroline John is great in the role of Madame Salvadori, love the accent Caroline! Bev Tarrant is back again, pity she doesnt get as much to do this time round. The dust attacks maybe okay, and the krill are just not presented well enough, no distinctive roar or anything like that which lets this story down a bit. But on the whole still a very entertaining story, all things considered. Just not classic in status.

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