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The need to survive

By:John Reid, Upminster essex England
Date:Sunday 2 July 2006
Rating:   10

I don't consider this to be a spoiler ,The Story starts with Benny Reciting Her Story with references to Her husband Jason (similar to The Seventh Doctor in Joseph Lidster's Previous story Master) And again Is told As A greek tragedy with a not to unhappy Ending . The story incase you didn't realise From the Cover or My heading, focuses on The Cybermen taking away there consiouses as well as there body parts from there time of leaving Mondas (like thE recent Rise of the Cybermen and the effects it has on those modified) as A case in there own words

At last hard core drama and action

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 10 July 2011
Rating:   10

This starts as the typical Benny story, light hearted fun, stumbling into another adventure. Horror you are in for a surprise, as this quickly turns into a fast paced hard hitting (at times disturbing) story.

For some I'm sure it will feel too much of a change but I thought it was great.

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