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Season 27?

By:the Traveller, the Pub
Date:Sunday 4 June 2006
Rating:   7

This story fits perfectly in the type and genre of the 1989 stories. The way that the characters are introduced at a party is also a clever idea. The alien Zorg and his poetry was a bit silly though...


By:Hatman, before time, and space, and matter
Date:Tuesday 4 July 2006
Rating:   5

average. precisely average. not good, not bad, not awful, not anything. no up, no down...


By:Will Barber, Hull, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 22 March 2011
Rating:   9

What a brillaint book! A mad book yes, but a fantastic book! The whole flying through dimensions is a bit......Weird but still it is a great book! An awesome book! Now you may think I'm an excitable 20 ish old but truelly this is a great book. Fantastic even!

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