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By:Hatman, he'll never turn back
Date:Wednesday 28 June 2006
Rating:   7

this review might actually be good...

this book has more twists than the fingers of a certain stick insect. they are quite good. well, sort of.

other titles for this book:

the hat bearers
time hats
anything with 'hat' in the title

the actual ending leaves a lot to be desired.. like my reviews. this is the longest I will ever write, so be grateful! Otherwise your past, present and future will end! (soon...ish)

Generally great

By:Jast, Wales
Date:Friday 6 June 2008
Rating:   9

(First review! Yay!)
Personally I really enjoyed this - the regulars (the Doctor especially) were very well captured by the author, and the storlyine was well realised - as the previous reviewer said there were several twists, which worked really well.
However it misses out on a 10 because some of the 'multiple Andrews' parts got overly complicated when they could have been much simpler. The 'changing time' also suffered similarly but I liked the idea of the alternate London created by WOTAN.
Overall very very good.

Round And Round And Round...

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 12 March 2010
Rating:   7

Time travel paradox stories are difficult to work effectively. The trouble is not returning to strict cause-effect thinking. So, the resolution does not fully work. That being said, the premise of the story is very interesting. It reminds me of a classic "Outer Limits" adventure. The Doctor and companions arrive in London, but swiftly find out that this is not their London, but one belonging to a parallel time track, or an altered future. The culprit is a device that the users think is a time machine. However, it does not work in time machine fashion. One person goes in, but copies of that person from parallel time tracks start coming out. The original has been inserted into one of those parallel tracks. The Doctor and crew must somehow get things back to their proper order. It is interesting enough, and has many twists. For me, the problem in reading this novel was that too many characters do what they do for stupid reasons.

You CAN change history!

By:Chris Arnold, Bundaberg, Australia
Date:Saturday 12 May 2012
Rating:   9

I found this whole novel a great read. The initial mytery was excellent and even though the plot does demand some concentration by the reader, I don't believe it is any more complex than a Steven Moffatt twisty turny timey wimey tale from the latest TV series.

I loved the fact that the characters changed as a result of their adventure, and there was much clever foreshadowing of events to come. I guess if you are not familiar with some of the early history of the show (and the seventh doctor's tenure as well) some of the elements in the story may be confusing, although as these plot points are not laboured on and are only really hinted at, the author has tried to give nods to well versed fans without alienating casual readers.

The climax was satisfying as well as heart wrenching, as even up to the last chapter there were surprises in store. A very touching end to an altogether excellent book.

Wibbly wobbly timely

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 16 June 2012
Rating:   8

A really cracking story with great characters & a tight twisting plot. Highly recommended.

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