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Really 1/2

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 12 December 2010
Rating:   1

Doctor Who meets the Little Mermaid? Really? Have we sunk so low?

Not the best, but not terrible either...

By:Matt, Aylesbury
Date:Thursday 23 December 2010
Rating:   7

This is not the best audio story in the world, but it's not the worst of the "freebies" (that lies with either Return to the Web Planet or Return of the Krotons - groan).

I agree with the person below that Mermaids (Mermen!) is a bit silly and far fetched - but then isn't most of Doctor Who?! I think it sits as a nice enough story, and I like the fact that both the Doctor and Peri work out the issue without the help of the other. Sound effects are pretty good, and the acting is great. PS, I really like the cover too!

In the end these freebie CDs are not going to be as good, but they do make nice additions to my massive BF collection.

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